9 Reasons Why Arrow Is Really Just A Batman Show


Mr. Grumpy Pants

In all fairness, this down-in-the-dumps personality trait has been toned down over the years. But do you remember the first couple of seasons where you could play a game of spot Oliver smile? He was persistently grumpy, looking like someone had replaced his Blu-ray collection with box sets of 2 Broke Girls. Frankly, we’d probably be miserable, too, if anyone did something so downright nasty to us.

You know who else likes to sulk and respond with one-word grunts and mumbles? You guessed it: Batsy! It’s like Oliver and Bruce are brothers from different Marthas, carrying the same My Chemical Romance lyrics in their hearts and embracing the cold blackness of their souls. If you closed your eyes and listened to them speak, they even sounded the same.

Unfortunately, Felicity Smoak came along and changed Oliver for the worse, showing him how to smile, laugh, love and have fun. It’s been disgusting to see him become a shadow of his former grumpy self though. How dare he have any happiness in his life when there are so many criminals to pummel in Star City?!

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