A Cult Favorite CW TV Show Is Leaving Netflix This Weekend

A cult favorite TV series from The CW is leaving Netflix this weekend. Saturday, September 18th will see Beauty and the Beast removed from the streaming giant’s library. There’s no current indication on where it will show up next, but seeing as the Kristen Kreuk vehicle was produced by CBS Television Studios, the likelihood is that it could end up on ViacomCBS’s Paramount Plus.

Beauty and the Beast starred Kreuk — most known for playing Lana Lang on the same network’s Smallville — as Catherine Chandler, who once witnessed her mother’s murder and was almost killed herself until someone (or something) saved her. A decade later, the now NYPD detective works on a case that leads her to Vincent Keller (co-lead Jay Ryan), an ex-soldier who had been thought dead. As Catherine comes to know him, she discovers more about her mother’s death and who Vincent really is.

Beauty and the Beast

This sci-fi/romance procedural show ran for four seasons across 70 episodes from 2012-2016. A loose remake of the 1980s show of the same name starring Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman, the reboot played down the fantasy elements of the original in favor of procedural parts of its premise. Critics weren’t too kind to it, comparing it unfavorably with the original series, but Beauty and the Beast earned itself its own fan base nonetheless, winning various People’s Choice Awards across its run. When it was canceled in 2016, fans campaigned to get Netflix to renew it, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

Kreuk then went on to star in Canadian legal drama Burden of Truth, which also aired on The CW in the US. Following that wrapping up earlier this year, DC fans are hoping the actress might return as Lana for that Smallville animated series that Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum are trying to get off the ground. For a full list of what’s leaving Netflix this September, click here.