A DC Comics Favorite Has Returned To Netflix


You have to wonder if Fox ever jealously glance over at Netflix and think that maybe they made a mistake canceling Lucifer after three seasons. While the ratings were low enough on paper to justify the decision, the vociferous support of the fanbase ultimately convinced the streamer to acquire and revive the series, which turned out to be an astute call.

The DC Comics adaptation regularly tops both the Netflix Top 10 list and Nielsen streaming ratings, where it’s now comfortably viewed as one of the streamer’s biggest and most popular shows. Unfortunately, all good things must come to and end, and today marks the arrival of the sixth and final season of Lucifer, although the creative team have teased that they’re planning to send Tom Ellis’ Samael out with a bang.

Looking at how Season 5 ended, the last ten episodes will pick up with our charming and charismatic hero now essentially god, which is a unique hook for a series that’s all about the devil. Having stopped evil twin Michael from ascending to the heavenly throne, Lucifer is now technically the being in charge of overseeing the entire universe, which is no doubt going to pose many problems given both his hedonistic nature and unresolved arc with Chloe Decker.

Following on from the success of last season’s musical installment we’re getting an animated interlude this time around, so Lucifer will once again be veering away from the standard procedural format that’s always formed the basis of the premise, and you can bet millions of subscribers are planning to binge Season 6 in a single sitting.