Lucifer EPs Tease Return For Fan Favorite Characters In Season 6


This weekend delivered our first look at Lucifer‘s sixth and final season, thanks to a teaser trailer released via [email protected] Though the promo was mostly made up of footage from past seasons, it ended with a brief clip from the upcoming run, confirming that Officer Diggs (Matt Corby) will return for a scene that recreates a moment from the series pilot in which the cop pulls the Devil over for speeding. It looks like the show is coming full circle.

Officer Diggs won’t be the only familiar face from Lucifer‘s past in season 6, though. Speaking during the virtual panel that accompanied the trailer, EPs Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson confirmed that at least one more fan favorite character will return – someone who has previously appeared in a classic episode.

“We actually have another familiar face that showed up at one point from a favorite episode,” co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich teased. “A favorite guest star.”

Henderson then went on to tease that another key guest star we can look forward to seeing in season 6 is a major character from the lore, but one who has never actually shown up before.

“We found one character we’d never seen, we found one character who we’ve talked about but have never seen, Henderson said.

While the “favorite guest star” from a classic episode is harder to narrow down, fans think they’ve got a good idea who the character we’re about to meet for the first time is. The odds are that it’s Adam. We’ve already encountered his wife Eve and his sons Cain and Abel over the seasons, so it makes sense for the first ever human to turn up in Los Angeles as well before the show’s conclusion.

The two EPs also revealed during this panel that season 6 will be a much more “intimate” season than we’ve had before, diving deeper into the characters instead of trying to one-up the huge scale of season 5. This was partly done as a response to COVID-related production limitations but also, the showrunners said, because it felt the right course to take. Despite this, we will be treated to “the most expensive episode” the series has ever had, however.

Lucifer season 6 – which will clock in at 10 episodes – is set to drop on Netflix on Friday, September 10th.