Alan Tudyk keeps messing up his ‘Harley Quinn’ voiceover thanks to ‘Peacemaker’

Image via Warner Bros./Movie Stills

Apparently, watching too much Peacemaker can hinder your ability to act, according to Harley Quinn voice actor Alan Tudyk.

The Resident Alien star, who also voices Batman baddie — and aspiring thespian — Clayface in the animated spin-off claims that he just couldn’t get a certain character out of his head when he was last in the recording booth.

Eagley, Peacemaker’s pet eagle mascot/sidekick is a breakout favorite for Peacemaker fans, and apparently memorable enough to make Tudyk, one of the most experienced VO actors in Hollywood, flub his lines.

Tudyk may have had Eagley on his mind due to his own ties to the series. If you’re worried you missed him, rest easy, Tudyk didn’t even have a “blink and you missed it” cameo. As per a tweet by Peacemaker co-star Steve Agee, later confirmed by Tudyk himself, Tudyk served as John Cena’s “temporary stand-in” for a rehearsal of the series’ iconic opening dance number.

While it might seem initially bizarre, it makes sense seeing as Charissa Barton, Peacemaker’s choreographer, is Tudyk’s wife. Agee went on to post a few more pics of Tudyk aiding his spouse with his “standing in” ability.

Tudyk didn’t spill any info as to which character he was recording dialog for but it’s safe to assume he will be returning for Harley Quinn‘s third season. The first two seasons as well as all three seasons of Doom Patrol and all of Peacemaker are currently available for streaming on HBO Max.