All The Main Characters In Fire Force

Fire Force is one of the latest hits to come from Shonen Magazine and has spawned an anime series of the same name. The show has run for two seasons and told the story of Shinra Kusakabe and his experience as a freshman in the Fire Force as part of Company 8.

Throughout the show’s run, there are plenty of unique characters introduced that boast their own powerful pyrokinetic abilities. As the name suggests pyrokinesis is the ability to use fire as a weapon, however, this can manifest itself differently depending on the user.

In any show, there are some characters more important than others or which the show is focused around. Here are the main characters in Fire Force.

Shinra Kusakabe

A newcomer to the Fire Force, Shinra has a range of abilities that make him one of its strongest members. These include extremely durability and strength, an unbreakable will, and his pyrokinesis, the ability to wield fire as a weapon emitting from his feet. 

Athur Boyle

Also a first-year member of the Fire Force alongside Shinra, Arthur is a part of the Special Fire Force Company 8. Alongside some impressive combat attributes, Arthur’s biggest asset is his skill in Pyrokinesis that allows him to control plasma and ignite objects. This comes in extremely handy for users to create his plasma sword Excalibur.

Akitaru Obi

The captain of Company 8, Akitaru is quite a powerful character as you’d expect. Alongside his hysterical strength, Akitaru boasts skill with a range of weaponry to be used in different situations. With his knowledge of weaponry has also come the high fight IQ that makes him a challenge to battle against.


A character that is less combat orientated, Iris is the Company 8 member tasked with ensuring that Infernals pass on peacefully as they are destroyed. Along with her prayer skills, Iris does bost some pyrokinetic abilities such as the ability to create a protective aura for herself and her allies. 

Maki Oze

A second-generation fire soldier and fellow member of Company 8, Maki Oze is one of the main characters in Fire Force. Maki has a unique combat skill set with the ability to cast and control flames from a far distance. With the help of some weaponry, Maki can wield the Iron Owls that can be used to send her fire spirits for both aggressive and defensive combat maneuvers.

Takehisa Hinawa

Hinawa boasts one of the most unique pyrokinesis techniques out of all the characters in the show. His flames are manipulated through firearms wielding either a submachine gun or pistol to rain down offense on his foes. The other abilities in his kit are centered around altering the speed and trajectory of his bullets.

Tamaki Kotatsu

A fan-favorite character, Tamaki is a former member of Special Fire Force Company 1 and a current member of Company 8 due to disciplinary action. Her prokinetic abilities are extremely powerful and allow her both fire-type offense and immunity to flames. Her ignition ability will see her don a coat of flames in a cat-like shape that increases her mobility greatly.


Captain of the Special Fire Force Company 5 it shouldn’t be a surprise that Hibana is quite powerful. Her pyrokinetic abilities manifest themselves with flower-shaped flames that can be used at a range to inflict substantial damage. Hibana can also manipulate the temperature which can be used to nullify some other ignition abilities. 

Sho Kusakabe

Brother of the show’s main character Shinra, Sho Kusakabe is one of the series villains and the commander of the Knights of the Ashen Flame. Sharing similar abilities to his brother Sho is quite powerful and flaunts the ability to take out both Arthur and the captain of Company 5 Hibana in a single blow.



Another of Fire Force’s main villains, Joker flaunts third-generation pyrokinetic abilities such as a way to generate and control flames himself. Alongside his impressive hand-to-hand combat skills, Joker uses these flames as weapons to deflect incoming offense and deal devastating damage.