AMC To Announce Details Of The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes Movie Trilogy Soon


It seems news of The Walking Dead‘s movie trilogy for Rick Grimes is right around the corner.

Or so says social media guru Johnny O’Dell, who recently fielded questions about AMC’s Walking Dead saga as part of Skybound’s mailbag feature (h/t Alas, O’Dell didn’t have much to share, but he did confirm that an official announcement will be made sooner rather than later.

It isn’t much to go on, but with The Walking Dead season 10 currently slated for a premiere in October, and the fifth season of Fear The Walking Dead expected to commence on Saturday, June 2nd, we fully expect AMC to divulge more details on that Rick Grimes movie trilogy during the summer.

Until then, we’ll just have to trust O’Dell’s judgment…

We promise you guys will get an update sooner rather than later. Seriously.

For the longest time, The Walking Dead fans were certain that Rick Grimes would return in the season 9 finale, “The Storm,” but it wasn’t to be. Chances are AMC are keeping Andrew Lincoln’s wayward leader in the dark until such times as they’re ready to unleash the first of three TV movies centered on his beloved character.

Because let’s face it, the loss of Rick Grimes was undoubtedly a major blow for The Walking Dead overall, and one need only look at the show’s dwindling ratings for evidence of that. And yet, AMC still has no intentions of taking the foot off the pedal; if anything, the network is overly confident that the mainline Walking Dead series can continue for many more years to come.

Whether that is indeed the case will be told in time, but for now, the Walking Dead fanbase can continue to enjoy the main series, safe in the knowledge that the Rick Grimes movie trilogy is beginning to gain a sense of momentum.