‘Andor’ fan offers a solid explanation as to why the show is missing a key element of ‘Star Wars’

Andor episode eight
Screengrab via Disney Plus

The Star Wars universe is filled with some of the coolest alien races in sci-fi. Everything from Wookiees, Rodians, Mon Calimari. Ithorians, Hutts, Jawas, and, Twi’leks. But, sadly, the newer live-action shows have tended to skimp on showing them. Andor in particular has heavily focused on human characters, and while we’ve seen a handful of strange little guys in the background, you’d think we’d get at least a few aliens in the early days of the Rebellion.

This has gotten to the point where a fan is saying that Andor and its ilk have lost something intrinsic to Star Wars:

The replies point out this is a recent development, as both The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett featured multiple alien characters:

The counterpoint is that much of Andor is set at the height of the Empire in Coruscant, so given the xenophobic Imperial philosophy, it makes sense that most alien races would stay away:

However, we are getting Ahsoka soon, with the fan favorite Togruta obviously front-and-center there:

But it’s worth mentioning that Andor is at least delivering on the “crazy food” part:

And finally, is this really that different from the original trilogy?

We’re huge fans of Andor, though the show could only be improved by widening its scope of characters to include more Star Wars aliens. Here’s hoping that as the Rebellion takes shape over season two, we see the human characters build alliances with various non-human groups, as we love seeing bizarre-looking characters onscreen.

Andor is released Wednesdays on Disney Plus.