‘Andor’ star describes the series as ‘Dickensian’

cassian andor star wars
Photo via Lucasfilm

Franchise filmmaking does not always or exactly touch the heights of classical literature. Works like Fantastic Beasts or Star Wars have at times been a mess, but apparently the forthcoming Andor show may be something akin to Charles Dickens.

Actor Kyle Soller makes the claim in a new interview with Total Film published today. Soller plays Syril Karn in the series, and reveals in the article that acclaimed actress Kathryn Hunter plays his mother. Soller also says his character has no father, his mother is a stage mother from hell, and that he needs to impress and fill a hole within himself. Also, the project really reminds him of stage acting, in the sense of his character’s trajectory. Essentially things are grand, but then there are moments which boil down to the intimate.

“It’s nothing I’ve sort of seen in a Star Wars movie before: the combination of the action and mystery and intrigue, and then you have these incredibly unique, personal stories coming through.”

Soller does not reveal anything else about the project in the piece. Andor is coming out Sept. 21. It will follow the titular character’s life and lead into the Rogue One adventure we first saw him in. Other things promised for the production include a commentary on the politics the world has witnessed in the United States in recent years, and that it will leave behind the special effects screen used on The Mandalorian and other projects. Showrunner and creator Tony Gilroy says it will embody the Bourne franchise he spent the middle portion of his career writing and shepherding alongside Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass. It is on track to last for two seasons, was originally set for five, but this was deemed to be impossible due to the scope envisioned.