Animated Alien Series Rumored To Be In The Works At Netflix


Ever since a Xenomorph skull was glimpsed in the background of Predator 2, anywhere the dreadlocked extraterrestrials have gone, their longtime rivals haven’t been too far behind whether it be movies, comic books or video games, and it’s been that way for the last three decades.

Naturally, then, hot on the heels of the rumor that Netflix could be looking to add an adult-skewing Predator show to the platform’s rapidly expanding lineup of animated content, Alien is also said to be getting the same treatment. The two just can’t seem to escape each other’s orbit, and both are also in the process of being rebooted in live-action, with Dan Trachtenberg handling a period-set Predator focused on a young Comanche warrior, while Alien is getting an episodic spin on Hulu with Ridley Scott and Noah Hawley at the helm.

Pacific Rim, Assassin’s Creed, Tomb Raider, Kong: Skull Island and Terminator are just some of the recognizable properties receiving animated spinoffs on Netflix, and if the streaming service can’t secure the live-action rights to any of the aforementioned franchises, then tackling them in 2D is a more than adequate substitute for fans.

There was talk making the rounds last year that an Alien vs. Predator anime had been finished and was ready to go for Netflix, before Disney’s takeover of Fox threw a spanner in the works, but the trail appears to have gone cold a long time ago when it comes to unearthing any more information. Giving both of the sci-fi icons their own series would certainly be a suitable compromise, and based on the rate that these big name adaptations are being announced, it shouldn’t be too long until we find out who’s next in line.