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Are Emily Chavez and Harrison Luna from season 5 of ‘Love Island: USA’ still together?

The lovebirds left the villa together earlier this season, but where does their relationship stand now?

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If you have been keeping up with season 5 of Love Island: USA, you know that Emily Chavez and Harrison Luna were arguably one of the strongest (and hottest) couples in the villa.

Emily and Harrison were both bombshells who arrived in Fiji much later than their fellow islanders, with Harrison entering the villa just six days before Emily did. Despite Harrison being in a relationship with Destiny Davis at the time, Emily instantly caught his eye.

The duo quickly began to pursue a romance with one another, and things got very serious, very fast. Despite the fact that their relationship looked straight out of a Hallmark movie, Emily and Harrison were forced to depart from the villa far too soon, leaving fans with just one question: why?

Why were Emily Chavez and Harrison Luna forced to leave the villa?

As for how the dumping worked, America voted on their favorite islanders, and the four women and the four men who received the fewest votes were left vulnerable. After host Sarah Hyland read out the victims, Destiny Davis, Emily Chavez, Kassy Castillo, Carmen Kocourek, Keenan Anunay, Kenzo Nudo, Harrison Luna, and Leonardo “Leo” Dionicio were the eight islanders who found themselves on the chopping block.

After that, the safe islanders had to decide on one woman and one man to send packing, and (to much surprise) they chose Emily and Harrison.

In an exclusive interview with PopCulture, Emily dished about what woman she thinks should have gone home that fateful night:

“I think the islanders voting me off when that exact day they had all voted that they would’ve chose Destiny was very confusing for me. On top of that, I just feel like… I love Destiny so much, but I just feel like me and then the other two girls in the bottom four, we were all in strong couples and we were also all willing to experience other relationships outside of our couple, and I just had thought being in a couple was a big factor as to going home. So, I think the whole thing just confuses me.”

Harrison piggy-backed off of this statement, revealing who he thinks should have gone home on the men’s side:

“Maybe I feel like the way that Leo went about his move around from Kassy to Anna, then Anna to Kassy… I don’t know, that rubbed me up the wrong way, and he was the first to say that he went about it wrong, but I would think that that sort of to and fro is not, I guess not conducive to Love Island and heading in the direction of something serious with that person… Unfortunately, I just didn’t have a close enough connection with the other girls in the villa, so I was on the chopping block.”

Despite being dumped on the same night, at least Emily and Harrison got to leave as a couple… right?

What happened to Emily Chavez and Harrison Luna after leaving the villa?

Even though Emily and Harrison left the villa at the same time due to the decisions of their fellow islanders, fans of the series may be wondering if the duo has been keeping in touch after returning to their respective homes.

With Emily living in Houston, Texas and Harrison living in Adelaide, Australia, it may be difficult to maintain a long distance relationship due to the extreme time difference, but fortunately, the two lovebirds have been doing everything they can to make it work.

In an exclusive interview with Collider, Emily revealed the status of her and Harrison’s relationship:

“I’m waiting for him to come over here to the States. And he’s coming here soon, so hopefully we can work out a plan to see one another while he’s over here. As of right now, we’re keeping it pretty real with each other. He’s in Australia and we’ve known each other a week. We’re in communication and hoping to find some sort of plan to see each other when he does get here.”

To follow Emily’s optimistic statement, Harrison dished:

“I wouldn’t say it’s love just yet… it’s early stages, but you click with people for a reason. Who’s to say it won’t go in that direction? We’ve already spoken multiple times since we’ve been back, and we got to go out for dinner the night we left, and so it was really nice being able to leave with her. Although, unfortunately, I feel like I kind of cut her experience short a little bit. The reality of it is that I clicked with Emily better than I did with anyone else in the villa.”

While it may not be easy to pursue a relationship outside of the villa (like Taylor Chmelka and Jonah Allman who live in the same state, or Carmen Kocourek and Kenzo Nudo who live in the same city), it looks like Emily and Harrison have a game plan for the future, and we hope it is a slam dunk.

To top it all off, Emily took to TikTok (where she has amassed nearly 250k followers) to share a little bit about her experience on the show, and she did not hold back.

After Emily returned to TikTok with a video that read, “Getting ripped to shreds by Love Island fans but at least I left with my hot Australian man,” fans were instantly able to confirm that Emily and Harrison were still together after their dramatic dumping.

She then proceeded to participate in a Q&A session, answering questions about her and Harrison’s relationship, her fellow islanders, and some behind-the-scenes secrets about Love Island: USA, and more. She even dished about some of the NSFW things her and and her “hot Australian man” did together in the villa… how scandalous!

To watch Emily and Harrison’s love story from the very beginning, be sure to stream season 5 of Love Island: USA on Peacock. While the couple may not be in Fiji anymore, be sure to catch new episodes of the hit series every day (except Wednesdays) at 9pm ET/6pm PT to watch the rest of the islanders attempt to find love.

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