Arrow Season 4 Gunning For Lighter Tone


Last time we checked in on Oliver Queen, he was putting some distance between himself and Starling City as he looked to open a new and more peaceful chapter in his troubled life. As yesterday’s teaser trailer revealed, however, it isn’t long before that brief period of rest is unceremoniously brought to an end, as he picks up the mantle of Green Arrow – as opposed to just Arrow.

Yes, season 4 beckons, and with little under a month to go until its anticipated premiere, Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim – one of the core components of DC’s small-screen universe – hinted at the tonal shift that the show will embrace ahead of the new season.


Per Entertainment Weekly, Guggenheim touched upon the potential of a cameo by Hal Gordan (Green Lantern), as well as the action-packed nature of season 4 in general. Here, the producer revealed why series protagonist Oliver has gained a new outlook on life, which has gradually been building and building over the course of three seasons.

“Ever since Slade Wilson came to town, the show has been on this very, very dark path, leading to Sara’s death and the culmination of season 3. Our goal was to return the show more in the tone of the first season-and-a-half…It still feels like Arrow, but at the same time, Oliver’s got a new outlook on life. We’re driving conflict to the show in ways that we never would have in the first three years. So it still feels like Arrow, but it’s a different take on the show.”

Returning as showrunner for Arrow season 4 is Wendy Mericle, and she also offered her own two cents about the upcoming tonal shift in Star City.

““[Oliver] has more faith in humanity than he did in the past. It’s less about erasing his father’s legacy and more about establishing his.”

Starling City returns to the CW this fall when Arrow season 4 premieres on October 7.