Arrow’s Stephen Amell Reveals His Two Regrets About Season 8


The last season of Arrow on The CW left us with inconsolable grief, not just because the long-running series ended after eight seasons, but for Oliver Queen making the ultimate sacrifice and giving up his life to birth the universe anew.

The last few adventures of the Green Arrow were an emotional rollercoaster for fans, but the producers made sure that Oliver would receive the ending he deserved as the hero that kickstarted the Arrowverse. In fact, the writers wrote “Crisis on Infinite Earths” in a way that allowed the character to rebirth the multiverse and essentially create the Arrowverse as we know it, fulfilling the promise of becoming something else in the process.

Of course, the story didn’t end there and Arrow fans got to say a proper goodbye to the folks they’ve come to know and love in an explosive finale that saw the return of many old and new faces. Suffice to say, The CW did Oliver Queen justice, but Stephen Amell still wishes that he had more screen time with some of those characters. During a panel at C2E2, the actor had the following to say when asked if he wanted to see anything else in the final season:

“I would have liked a scene with Colin Salmon who played Walter Steele,” Amell said. “And I would have liked to have had a moment with Katrina [Law] who played Nyssa. How long do we have?”

As fans might recall, Walter Steele was Oliver’s step-father who appeared in the first two seasons of the series. As for Nyssa, the infamous daughter of Ra’s Al-Ghul actually appeared during the Green Arrow’s funeral, but she didn’t have any scenes with him.

Tell us, though, what else did you wish to see in the final season of Arrow? And were you satisfied with the finale? Let us know in the comments below.