The Arrowverse Heroes Suit Up In New Extended Promo


With the Arrowverse set to return in full force this fall, it’s very much understandable that The CW kick it up a notch when it comes to advertising. Just recently, they put out a rather badass promo featuring some of our favorite heroes, with one titled “Suit Up” being hot on its heels.

Speaking of which, the network has now released an extended version of the second trailer just mentioned, this time including even more footage both old and new. Of course, you’re going to have to comb over it in order to pick apart what’s what, but some of the fresher bits are quite easy to spot.

In The Flash‘s case, one can plainly see Barry Allen sporting both his OG costume as well as his slick new suit. Though everyone obviously has their own opinion, I, for one, welcome the Scarlet Speedster’s new threads and look forward to his next adventures.

As for Arrow, we get confirmation of Felicity being roughed up at some point, but we’ll just have to wait and see how that ends up happening. From the look of it, she’s nearly as banged up as Oliver Queen himself – and he’s the one in prison!

In fact, taking in more snippets from the upcoming season of Arrow forces me to recall producer James Bamford’s comments boasting of how the show will soon chart new territory:

“In the premiere you will find some elements with the Season 1 feel, but you will find other elements that is new, uncharted territory. Beth [Schwartz] and I had a phone call with BNSP, which is our censors… a very lengthy phone call about a particular scene that we never had before. So we are really trying to push the limits on the show in the gritty factor. We are trying to go as far as you can go within the confines of our network and what is expected of us and what we can and can’t do. We are not on Netflix so we will never be able to X, Y, and Z, but we are damn sure going to try.”

Of course, the promo is also chock full of footage teasing what’s next for Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and Black Lightning. That said, we encourage you to keep watching this space for more info regarding the Arrowverse as October draws near.