New Set Photos From The Flash Season 5 Show Us More Of Barry’s Suit

Over on Instagram, we have a brand new look at Barry Allen's newfangled super suit as it'll appear in The Flash season 5.

Barry Allen is about to get a wardrobe upgrade in time for The Flash season 5.

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How do we know? Over on Instagram, a series of newly-uncovered set photos have surfaced from CanadaGraphs (h/t ‘RealFlashUniverse‘) which clearly show Grant Gustin suited and booted in his new attire.

Lean a little closer and you’ll also notice Jessica Parker Kennedy’s Nora West-Allen in action alongside her on-screen father. And therein lies the twist to The Flash season 5. Whereas before we’ve seen Barry Allen encounter friends and foes from alternate timelines, this year’s installment sees our loved-up duo cross paths with their daughter Nora, a Scarlett Speedster in her own right, who journeys back from the future.

It opens up all sorts of storytelling potential for The Flash‘s fifth season, and below you’ll get a sneak peek at what to expect:

Of course, there’s little in the way of story details here; these photos are more designed to give us a better look at the costume Barry Allen will be sporting in just a few weeks’ time.

It’s no secret that the creators behind The Flash are aiming for a comics-accurate costume for this year’s installment, which is only fitting when you consider that a fan-favorite character like Nora is returning from the future. Five weeks and counting, folks.

Season 5 of The Flash premieres October 9th, before Barry Allen shares the screen with characters from Arrow and Supergirl for this year’s hotly-anticipated Arrowverse crossover. Oh, and did we mention the oncoming arrival of Ruby Rose’s Batwoman, who’s expected to cameo in the December event before potentially headlining her own spinoff series in 2019?

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