Aubrey Plaza Enters The Fray In Latest Clip For FX’s Legion Series


Bearing the really rather appropriate title ‘WTF,’ FX has dropped the latest promo for Legion – and yep, things get weird pretty quickly.

As the network’s offshoot series hails from the X-Men universe – but, crucially, won’t be considered part of Fox’s movie canon – that shouldn’t be all that surprising, particularly when you cast your mind back to previous trailer reveals, which have ramped up the craziness in their own right.

Introducing budding viewers to Aubrey Plaza’s (Parks and Recreation) eternal optimist, Lenny, the snippet does offer up some fleeting plot details, including the ways in which Plaza’s recovering drug addict interacts with David, the erratic schizophrenic played by The Guest star Dan Stevens.


Held up as an “Omega-level mutant” with equal parts fear and admiration, David has spent his troubled years in and out of psychiatric hospitals. Doomed to a miserable life, it’s only after a strange encounter with a fellow patient that Stevens’ lead entertains the thought that maybe – just maybe – his visions may be real after all. Weirdness ensues.

Also starring Rachel Keller, Katie Aselton, Jeremie Harris, and Jean Smart, Legion marks the latest collaboration between FX and Noah Hawley, who have together carved out a bona fide hit in the Fargo TV series. Can this mutant spinoff emulate said success? Time will tell.

FX will, at long last, play host to Legion in the early stages of 2017. There’s no word yet of an official premiere date, but we’ll keep you posted as we approach the year’s end.

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