Barry Prepares For Crisis In New Flash Season 6 Trailer


A Crisis is coming…

The Flash has been warning us that the multiversal event was on its way since its very first episode and now, it’s finally here. But it seems Barry Allen still has some preparing to do before all hell breaks loose.

This exhilarating new trailer for season 6 features our best look yet at how the upcoming “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover will affect the first half of the show’s sixth run. Following on from the previous teaser, it begins with Grant Gustin’s Scarlet Speedster wearing the helmet of Jay Garrick. It seems it gives him a vision of billions of possible futures and billions of deaths.

Having seen what’s coming, Barry starts preparing Team Flash for the future. As Cisco says, the main aim is to stop Barry from vanishing, as written in the holographic newspaper in the Time Vault. The gang will recruit yet another new Harrison Wells to help their cause, too, and the trailer promises that the latest Tom Cavanaugh character is “another angry one” as he attacks poor Cisco. It’s likely this is the same Wells who’ll fill the role of Pariah in “Crisis.”

In further proof that the timelines are off-kilter, it looks like Barry’s mother Nora will reappear somehow, despite dying when our hero was a kid. Like new character Chester Runk says in his livestream, “welcome to a world where anything can and probably will happen.”

Showrunner Eric Wallace has previously promised that the effects of the crossover on The Flash will be like stepping on a landmine. The event is even key to the structure of the season, with initial big bad Bloodwork (Sendhil Ramamurthy) lasting for the first half before a different villain appears after the Crisis is over.

The Flash returns very soon, with episode 6×01 “Into the Void” airing on Tuesday, October 8th.