Batman Speaks In Thrilling Trailer For Gotham Series Finale


Gotham aired its penultimate episode last night and you know what that means: next week will bring the end of the series and the beginnings of the Batman. The cast and crew have made no secret about the fact that the DC prequel show will give us the Dark Knight in all his glory in the last episode and this thrilling trailer is now here to offer us a taste of what’s to come.

Last night’s episode, “They Did What?”, saw Bruce Wayne and his friends manage to defeat Bane and the threat he posed to their hometown. However, the young billionaire decided he needed to leave the city to keep his loved ones safe. But we know he’s destined to return to Gotham in 10 years’ time, as the finale will pick up after a sizeable time jump. And this trailer teases that things will be very different yet also very familiar for Bat-fans.

The minute-long teaser promises that the now-Commissioner Gordon will have a lot on his plate as the Riddler and Penguin cause havoc while Jeremiah Valeska has returned, too. Luckily for Gotham though, there’s a new hero in town.

The exciting final clip of the trailer sees Gordon cornering a mysterious vigilante hiding in the shadows. “I’m not your enemy,” he intones, before jumping out of a window to escape capture. The last shot is pure Batman iconography – as the Caped Crusader perches on a rooftop looking down at Gordon, Alfred and Harvey standing by the Bat-signal.

Though his voice is hidden under that Batfleck-like vocal modulator, that’s David Mazouz portraying Batman in the trailer. As the actor had to get a go at donning the costume, the teen provided the hero’s voice and close-up shots while a stunt performer was employed for the action scenes and full-body shots. That sounds like a good compromise and it seems to have come off well in this trailer.

We’ll get a much better look at the Bat though next week, when Gotham comes to an end on April 25th.