Batman Reportedly Kills [SPOILERS] In Titans Season 3


The first teaser for Titans season 3, which kicks off on HBO Max next month, teased dark times to come in Gotham City. After the supposed death of teammate Jason Todd (Curran Walters), Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) and his friends look broken – as does the Dark Knight himself. The trailer teased Bruce Wayne (Iain Glen) being on the verge of giving up. One clip showed him returning to Wayne manor, dropping a bloody crowbar to the floor, and telling Dick that he has to become the new Batman.

This definitely got fans talking as it promises that season 3 will be the darkest run of the notoriously gloomy DC TV show yet. Sure enough, our latest intel is pointing to the series taking Batman down the path of no return. We’re hearing that Batman will break his no-killing rule this season. This comes from our trusted sources – who’ve given us accurate HBO Max info in the past, like telling us about J.J. Abrams’ Justice League Dark TV series before it was confirmed.

From what we’ve been told, Bruce will finally kill the Joker after what he does to Jason. But once his vengeance is complete, he’ll be horrified at having broken his own code and he’ll leave Gotham for good. This storyline would fit exactly what the trailer teases will unfold in season 3. It would also be a neat continuation of Dick’s fear about the road Bruce was going down in the season 1 finale – remember when Dick was stuck in a nightmare world where Batman was killing his enemies?

Of course, Batman’s anger may be misplaced as every DC fan knows that Jason isn’t really dead. The trailer confirmed the introduction of Red Hood, a new vigilante on the streets of Gotham, who we all know is really Jason, having become more militant after his resurrection. Jason’s crime-fighting career may not be done, though, but it looks like Bruce’s is. The question now is: will Nightwing step up and become the next Batman?

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