New Batwoman 1×04 Photos Tease The Return Of An Elseworlds Location

Batwoman Ruby Rose

Aside from whenever a premiere is being anticipated, The CW normally drops promo photos pertaining to their shows a week or two ahead of the relevant episode’s air date. Actually, we saw somewhat of a change in this practice during the previous broadcast season, when galleries often wouldn’t debut until the day after the previous installment aired, perhaps in an effort to hold off on spoilers.

Well, when it comes to Batwoman, all we can say is that particular series is really ahead of the curve. Maybe because it’s the new kid on the block that’s causing the network to pump out images like there’s no tomorrow, but we certainly can’t complain. It was just earlier this week that we presented to you some pics showing off Hush’s debut in episode 1×03, “Down Down Down,” and now we already have stuff pertaining to 1×04.

From what we can see, “Who Are You?” will play host to a major confrontation between Kate Kane and her sister/archenemy, Alice. Perhaps there’s an existential question to be asked based on the episode’s title, but I’m more so wondering if the big bad is aware that her sibling is actually Batwoman. After all, they’re meeting on the very rooftop introduced to us during the “Elseworlds” crossover last year, where Barry Allen, Oliver Queen and Kara Zor-El once stood.

Based on the story told by the successive images included in the slideshow, it looks like Alice may destroy the Bat-signal with a blunt object. If so, it’s not like any real damage is being done. I mean, look at that thing. It’s barely bigger than a flashlight, so I’m wondering how any vigilante is supposed to see its shining light from a distance.

And while she may not be pictured here, it’s worth mentioning how this episode will also introduce us to the Arrowverse’s take on Magpie, played by Rachel Matthews. For those keeping track, that’s yet another baddie taken from Batman comic book lore, so let’s hope they keep on coming.

Batwoman airs on Sunday nights on The CW, with “Who Are You?” set to debut on October 27th.