Batwoman Season 2 Will Reportedly Introduce The Joker


Batwoman dropped a major bombshell in its season 1 finale by introducing Bruce Wayne – kind of. Actor Warren Christie has joined the cast as the face of the long-missing Bruce. The only thing is that his face is attached to Tommy Elliot AKA Hush, who’s been surgically altered to look like Gotham’s favorite son. It’s possible that the introduction of “Batman” could be trumped in season 2, though, by the appearance of the Clown Prince of Crime himself.

According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us that Kevin Conroy was playing the Kingdom Come Dark Knight in “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” and that The CW is developing an Arrow spinoff, both of which were correct – the Joker will return to Gotham City in Batwoman season 2. This will come as a surprise to fans as season 1 established that the villain had died, and at the hands of Batman no less. We’re hearing, however, that this will be revealed as false when the characters discover he’s still alive.

We don’t know exactly how the Joker’s return will come about, but it’s possible that it will be related to the big Hush twist in the finale. Let’s say that, in the Arrowverse, the clown knows Batman’s true identity. Maybe Bruce didn’t actually kill him and he’s been laying low and recuperating ever since. But when Hush starts masquerading as his enemy, he can’t resist making his grand return to Gotham to challenge the Bat once again. Though obviously, he’ll be disappointed to find out this Bruce is a fake.

This is just complete conjecture at this stage, but in any case, adding the Joker into the mix may help cool the controversy over Kate Kane being written out of the show and replaced with a new character following Ruby Rose’s departure. Likewise, other reports say Scarecrow could feature, too. Losing its leading actress is a big hurdle for Batwoman season 2, but maybe it can keep up its momentum by throwing in a big name bad guy like Joker?