Batwoman Season 2 Rises In Ratings For First Time This Year


Good news, Batwoman fans. For the first time this season, The CW show has gotten a slight uptick in the ratings. Despite the latest run drumming up a lot of fresh interest due to Javicia Leslie taking over as the lead, following Ruby Rose bowing out one year in, the premiere episode performed poorly, with the next outing only sinking even further. Episode 3, titled “Bat Girl Magic!”, debuted last weekend, however, and brought an increase in viewership.

According to TV Series Finale, 2×03 was watched by 708,000 pairs of eyeballs. That’s a decent jump up from the past two episodes, as the premiere kicked off with 659,000 while the next week sunk to 621,000, the lowest rating for the show across both seasons. Episode 3, meanwhile, enjoyed a 14% increase in viewers from its predecessor, and a 7.5% increase from the premiere.

Despite the bump in the ratings overall, though, things remained the same when it comes to the coveted 18-49 demographic. Episode 3 came out with a 0.16 rating, exactly like the installment before it and only slightly higher than the season opener’s 0.15. So, it’s not like the figures are wildly changing, but this is an encouraging sign for the rest of the season nonetheless.

In any case, fans don’t need to worry about these so-so ratings affecting the series in the short-term as this week, The CW handed out early renewals to 12 of its shows, including Batwoman. So, we can rest assured that the Crimson Crusader will be back for a third season at least.

That said, reports are pointing towards the network not having any long-term plans for Batwoman and there’s a chance it could wrap up in the near future. But whatever happens, the good news is that there are a number of episodes still to come over the next couple of years and it’s not going anywhere just yet.

Batwoman season 2 continues this Sunday, February 7th on The CW. Black Lightning season 4 then premieres on Monday the 8th, with Superman & Lois debuting on Tuesday the 23rd.