Batwoman Star Javicia Leslie Teases Her Revamped Batsuit


Batwoman season 2 will be more like another season 1, as Ruby Rose is out and Javicia Leslie is in as the new heroine of Gotham City. When the former star exited the series, producers decided against recasting Kate Kane and brought in Leslie as brand new character Ryan Wilder. Ryan will be her own Batwoman, then, so it stands to reason that she’ll be wearing a revamped Batsuit.

In fact, while speaking during a virtual panel at DC FanDome over the weekend, Leslie teased what we can expect from her take on the Batwoman look. The actress explained that Ryan’s Batsuit will reflect the fact that she’s black, but it seems like a finalized costume has yet to be made.

“We’re also talking about how important it is that, if we’re going to have a black Batwoman, that she needs to be like a sister when she becomes that,” Leslie explained. “It’s like the silhouette of her like that. So more of a natural texture hair and things like that. So I think we’re still kind of like putting things together. I can’t wait. I actually have no idea. I’ve just been sending her fanart like ‘Oh my gosh look at this!'”

Leslie’s comments actually line up with what fans have taken as their first look at the new Batwoman  – a piece of art that Jim Lee did for the first DC FanDome weekend. It featured Ryan Wilder in a Batsuit that was different from Kate’s, with Lee presumably basing his work on concept art. He depicted Ryan with a fully red cape and a curled red wig, one that reflects Leslie’s natural hair.

Showrunner Caroline Dries was also on hand to tease the suit during DC Fandome and followed on Leslie’s remarks with a promise that Ryan’s Batwoman look will evolve throughout the season.

“That’s what she and I have been talking about is: how can we make sure that Ryan isn’t hiding what makes her awesome with the suit? It’s going to be a little bit of an evolution. We’re going to see this evolve early on in the season.”

With filming due to start very soon, we may get our first set pics of Javicia Leslie in character as Batwoman in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.

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