Bob Odenkirk says he’s not running away from Jimmy McGill

Actor Bob Odenkirk is saying goodbye to famed criminal lawyer Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman this year and, in contrast to some actors who ditch their most iconic roles quick, has just said he will never flee from the fictional face.

“I’m not running from the guy. I think sometimes people do that. I think one of the reasons I’m not running away from him is the way he was scripted by Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould and all the writers. I got to do comedy on one page and four pages later, do the most earnest drama written. It was this great mix with unbelievable dynamics to it, so it’s a hard thing to imagine another part being that wide-ranging. I did like Jimmy McGill, the character behind Saul Goodman, I still don’t love choices he made.”

The entertainer revealed the above while speaking to Variety ahead of Better Call Saul’s final season premiere later this month. While chatting, he also said the problem with Jimmy is he never moved on from his tortured moments and such inability can take one to terrifying places where no tranquility is found.

“He really let his resentments guide him and he let his feelings of hurt be the core driver of what he did. I just think that’s obviously a mistake. I can understand where people do it … but it isn’t gonna take you anywhere over a long period of time that’s good.”

Better Call Saul’s final season premieres April 18. When done it will have one more episode than Breaking Bad ultimately did.