Temuera Morrison and Robert Rodriguez would sing on the ‘Book of Boba Fett’ set

Image via Lucasfilm

The Book of Boba Fett is a hit with audiences, and new details are coming out from the set where it was shot.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Jennifer Beals, who plays Twi’lek Garsa Fwip, told the publication it was a joy to do the role and recalled how star Temuera Morrison and director Robert Rodriguez were often singing and performing in between takes.

And Temuera was incredible. He’s working crazy hours, and yet he’s full of joy. He’d take the microphone and sing, “It’s just too good to be true / Can’t take my eyes off of you / I wanna hold you so much … I love you, baby.” He’s just singing to everybody and it’s just delicious. Meanwhile, Robert Rodriguez’s dressing room is next to mine, and he’s playing music on his guitar between setups. Sometimes Tem will come in and sing. So I’m being serenaded through the wall.

book of boba fett

We can probably speak for most when we say, man, what guys. A lot of the entertainment industry can be clinical, so it is nice to see good people having fun. If they ever got together with Keanu Reeves, we are sure those who are often online would be overcome by the wholesomeness of the moment.

What do you think about Temura Morrison and Robert Rodriguez’s love of music and apparent talent for flexing their vocal cords, should they choose it? Is there a better story of on-set behavior you have heard? Tell us in the comments below!