The Boys EP Says The Season 3 Premiere Is Insane And Really Special

The Boys

There’s no word yet on when we can expect it to see it, and it might not even be this year looking at the production schedule, but The Boys creator and showrunner Eric Kripke has been hyping up the third season of Amazon’s smash hit subversive superhero show at every available opportunity.

If so-called ‘fans’ were review bombing the series after discovering they had to wait six weeks for the second run of episodes to roll out, then there’s going to be an online mutiny if season 3 lives up to the hype that Kripke continues to place on it. Wild, crazy and insane are just some of the words that’ve been used to describe what he’s cooking up, and based on what we’ve seen so far, The Boys will no doubt deliver on that promise.

Kripke recently took to social media to reveal his excitement over the season 3 premiere, and in typically unsubtle fashion for the blackly comedic small screen favorite, it’s apparently going to blow our minds, as you can see below.

Before season 1 arrived, there were a lot of question marks about whether or not The Boys would find a big audience given the frequently jet black nature of the source material, as well as the mountains of gore and profanity. However, now that it’s firmly established as one of the most popular streaming exclusives that doesn’t hail from Netflix, Star Wars or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the gloves have been taken off.

Raising the stakes in a series that’s already featured a character with a ten-foot weaponized prehensile penis is going to take some doing, but Kripke’s enthusiasm over the bonkers “Herogasm” adaptation alone is probably enough to guarantee that he’ll pull it off with ease.