Brandon Routh Pretty Much Confirms Kid Flash Is Coming To Legends Of Tomorrow


From the start, Legends of Tomorrow set itself apart from the rest of the Arrowverse pack by being a true ensemble show – and there was also the time travel element, of course. But, as the series endures, its lineup has gradually seen its fair share of changes, not unlike any heavy metal band that’s been around for a number of years.

To be more specific, the current season has seen the exits of both Victor Garber’s Martin Stein and Franz Drameh’s Jeffferson Jackson – both halves of Firestorm – thus leaving a considerable void. And while John Constantine and Citizen Cold will be around for the short term, the Waverider is in desperate need of more permanent fixtures.

Truth be told, one slot that absolutely must be filled is that of someone who is capable of keeping up the ship’s maintenance, a role that had previously been taken on by Jax. So, naturally, that’s just one more reason why someone with a mind for engineering like Wally West is expected to show up.

Now, while there’s been no outright confirmation that Kid Flash will be joining the crew, there have been some polite teases in recent memory. But, to some, it’s already a foregone conclusion and now it pretty much looks like Wally coming over is in the bag due to a casual reveal.

In a recent conversation with, actor Brandon Routh probably assumed that Keiynan Lonsdale becoming his colleague had already been publicly announced, so he had this to say about the addition of Kid Flash to Legends of Tomorrow, and what someone of his background brings to the group:

“Yeah. You know, I think that goes with the talent that Keiynan brings to his role and to this newly-forming — is it forming? — energy of him coming in to be a part of our show for a little bit. I think for the most part, our writers are writing for us as a team and putting the team first, and if we can make poignant stories about cultural differences or religious differences, then we do, but if we can’t, then we are all working together on the team to solve history, which is I feel like a place that we can get to in the world, where we can understand that we all have differences but we can all talk person to person, human to human.”

From that, it sounds like Lonsdale will be stopping by for a multi-episode arc as opposed to being a member of the principal cast, be we certainly aren’t complaining. Our best guess is that he may be an Arrowverse floater going forward, just as Neal McDonough, John Barrowman and Wentworth Miller have been in recent times.

Legends of Tomorrow returns with new episodes on Monday, February 12 on The CW.