Brie Larson Rumored To Play A Jedi More Powerful Than Vader In New Star Wars Show

Brie Larson

At this stage, nobody’s going to be surprised if Brie Larson shows up in a future Star Wars movie or TV series. After all, the actress has hardly been shy when it comes to admitting her lifelong love of the franchise, and she even unsuccessfully auditioned for The Force Awakens before she was an Academy Award winner and star of a billion-dollar comic book blockbuster.

The 31 year-old has already been linked with a multitude of projects including the mystery film in the works from her Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige, while there’s also near-constant talk that she’s high on Disney’s list of candidates when it comes to casting the next major female lead for a galaxy far, far away.

So far, nothing has been confirmed just yet, but a recent rumor has claimed that the Captain Marvel star will play a Jedi named Maeve in a Star Wars series set in a brand new timeline that would see her character established as being more powerful than Darth Vader and Rey combined. The plot will reportedly focus on her tracking down a mysterious MacGuffin that controls the very essence of the Force, while there are naturally bad guys hot on her tail.

Of course, we should mention that the story comes from Mike Zeroh, who has a reputation for doling out very hit-or-miss information regarding Star Wars, to the extent that he was openly mocked on social media by Rian Johnson, with The Last Jedi director revealing that the crew used his name as a verb for something that was wide of the mark, specifically comparing him to trash. Ouch.

We certainly advise taking this with a grain of salt, then, but Zeroh has gotten a couple of scoops right in the past and the more we hear about Brie Larson’s affinity for Star Wars, the more it feels like she’s destined to play a role in the beloved sci-fi universe one day in the not too distant future.