Bruce Is Getting A New Batcave In Gotham Season 5


Gotham season 5 is set to be the show’s last run and, as such, it’s looking to go out with a bang as we’ve been promised that the final season will complete the young Bruce Wayne’s journey to becoming Batman. And what’s one thing that no self-respecting Caped Crusader would ever go without? A trusty Batcave to call his own, of course.

Sure enough, a revamped version of the underground HQ will appear when Gotham returns. The news comes to us via set designer and assistant art director Jonathan Collins, who shared some of his designs for the new cave on his Instagram account. As regular viewers will know, Bruce and Alfred have already discovered a cave underneath Wayne Manor, but this photo promises that a much bigger hideout for the proto-Dark Knight is on its way.

As pointed out by, we can infer from this that the Batcave will get a lot more screentime in season 5 compared to previous years. The much smaller set was fine for its limited usage beforehand – for instance, in those nightmare sequences which foreshadowed the coming of the Bat – but perhaps because it’s becoming a main location, it needs to be expanded.

So, we know Bruce will get the Batcave, but will we actually see him suit up in the iconic cape and cowl? You’d think so, but fellow DC prequel series Smallville showed us that this isn’t guaranteed. Star David Mazouz is certainly hoping for it to happen, but we’ve yet to hear any official confirmation that the fully-dressed Batman will appear before things come to an end.

Even if that never comes to pass, we’ve still got a lot to look forward to in season 5 of Gotham – including the arrival of fan favorite Batman universe characters like Bane.