Bullseye Reportedly Getting Comic-Accurate Look For MCU’s Daredevil Show


Netflix’s Daredevil finally introduced the Man Without Fear’s second greatest foe in its third and ultimately last season – assassin Bullseye, as played by Wilson Bethel. The series completely reinvented the villain for the MCU, however, never even featuring him in his classic costume, recognizable for the bullseye insignia on his forehead. That’s just one of the many ways in which Daredevil tried to ground its characters and make them less overtly comic book-y.

But when the world of Hell’s Kitchen is rebooted by Marvel Studios, this is something that’ll change. Geekosity’s Mikey Sutton has reported that, though Marvel hasn’t figured out all the finer details of their DD reboot yet, like which streaming platform it’ll go up on, they know that they want to deck the characters out in more comic-accurate suits. For instance, Matt Murdock will finally sport his iconic DD insignia.

What’s more, Bullseye will get his traditional suit, too. Sutton doesn’t spell it out, but presumably this means that Bethel will be brought back to continue Benjamin “Dex” Poindexter’s storyline. When we last saw him, Dex was undergoing reconstructive spinal surgery after his big final fight with Daredevil and Kingpin, with his spine being bonded with unbreakable steel, promising to make him more dangerous than ever. If Marvel did leave this plot thread dangling, fans would no doubt revolt, so they better rehire Bethel alongside Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio for the reboot.

To be fair to Netflix, it was the right call not to have the Bullseye suit in season 3, as those episodes were essentially the villain’s origin story. Plus, they understandably wanted to distance their version from Colin Farrell’s OTT portrayal in the Ben Affleck movie, where Bullseye had his logo tattooed on his head. But that’s almost 20 years ago now, so it’s high time we got a more accurate take on the fiend.

According to recent reports, Cox’s Daredevil could return as soon as this December’s Spider-Man 3. But for now, we’ll just have to wait and see if that’s indeed the case.