Bye, Felicia! 9 Possible Replacements For Barry Allen In Season 4 Of The Flash


Well, the season finale of The Flash left Barry Allen’s future rather uncertain. Now that the Scarlet Speedster entered the Speed Force prison, there will undoubtedly be a leadership void in Team Flash for season 4. Dammit, Barry, when will you learn not to mess with the Speed Force and the infinite timelines?

While we all know that B.A. won’t be M.I.A. for too long (c’mon, this is TV and nothing is ever permanent here), there’s the opportunity for someone else to step up in his absence and lead the team. Fresh off the news that the big baddie for season 4 is The Thinker, a departure from the speedster villains of seasons past, a novel approach in the titular hero could do wonders for the ratings as well.

Much like the multiple Earths and timelines, there’s a host of possibilities for the showrunners to explore. Considering the wild and whacky stories we’ve encountered over the last few years, we’d like to think that nothing is off the table here – except maybe seeing Marvel’s Quicksilver as the Flash.

With that in mind, we’ve captured the possible contenders, locked them up in a WGTC holding cell, and glued their boots down for this feature.

So, without further ado, here are 9 possible replacements for Barry Allen.

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