Better Call Saul: Saul Goodman’s 8 Greatest Breaking Bad Moments


Few were surprised by the news that the man that created Walter White would be gifting us with a spinoff show called Better Call Saul. It can be argued that Breaking Bad is the greatest television show ever made. In fact, it has been demonstrated repeatedly, since its debut in September 2008, that Vince Gilligan’s multiple award-winning drama is a work of utter brilliance. The story of a seemingly mild-mannered chemistry teacher and his transformation into the most feared crystal meth dealer ever known captured the imagination of millions of fans around the globe – thanks in no small part to the phenomenal writing, the breathtaking direction, and the stellar performances.

Throughout its five seasons, the show boasted what was essentially an acting masterclass, led by the main cast (Bryan Cranston as Walter White, Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman, Anna Gunn as Skyler White, Dean Norris as Hank Schrader, Betsy Brandt as Marie Schrader, and R.J Mitte as Walt Jr.). But, formidable though those characters were, it was the addition of excellent supporting characters that really sent the quality of the show off the charts.

When Saul Goodman appeared in season two, eagle-eyed viewers rubbed their hands together in anticipation. The actor behind the sleazy lawyer’s desk was none other than Bob Odenkirk, whose presence always guarantees a quality product. Suddenly, as an audience, we were treated to something all too rare in modern television – outside of Breaking Bad, that is. We were treated to a complex, intriguing, almost loveable character that began to unfold like a flower, before our very eyes. By the end of his debut episode – Better Call Saul (Season 2, episode 8) – he had stolen our hearts, imprinted on our minds, and left us hoping against hope that he would stick around.

Stick around he did – almost to the bitter, bitter end – and in doing so delivered some of the most memorable scenes of the show. As we gear up for the premiere of his very own series – Better Call Saul – on February 8th 2015, let’s cast our minds back to eight of Saul Goodman’s greatest Breaking Bad moments.

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