Candice Patton Hopes For Iris To Wed Barry In The Flash Season 4


When we last saw Barry Allen, he willingly ventured off into the Speed Force in order to atone for whatever guilt he’s harbored since creating Flashpoint. In his absence, it appears as though Wally West will attempt to fill the void as The Flash, but we all know that Barry will return before long.

Once that day comes, we fully expect the love of his life, Iris West, to be absolutely over the moon. In addition to seeing her taking on a greater role in season 4, there could be much more on the horizon if actress Candice Patton is to have her way.

Here’s what she had to say regarding what’s on her wishlist for the coming year when speaking with at San Diego Comic-Con:

“Hopefully a wedding. Hopefully there’s marriage bells for Barry and Iris if we can get him out of the Speed Force.”

Given that Barry and Iris got engaged – twice – in season 3, the next logical step is to have them tie the knot. Truth be told, it could be said this is one of the milestones the series has been building to since day one. And, if it does happen, we’re guessing the producers will continue the proud tradition of having supervillains crashing weddings (perhaps this is a job for the Thinker?), something Smallville did on more than one occasion.

One also has to wonder if Iris will select Caitlin Snow as her maid of honor, since it looks like the Killer Frost persona may be a thing of the past (check out the trailer at the top for more on that front). If so, hopefully Caitlin can find a new guy along the way given that Julian Albert’s out of the picture due to Tom Felton’s exit.

The Flash returns for its fourth season on Tuesday, October 10 on The CW.

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