Cara Dune Action Figures Spike In Value After Gina Carano’s Firing From The Mandalorian

Cara Dune Mandalorian

While the paychecks that come with being part of a major blockbuster franchise are always good for the bank balance, royalties can often keep the money rolling in for years if not decades to come. Any character worth their salt is immortalized in action figure form, and that’s without even mentioning video games or the countless other types of merchandise that use the likenesses of the actors to generate additional revenue.

Gina Carano may have taken her firing from The Mandalorian in her stride, but not only has she lost out on being involved in a sprawling interconnected series of streaming shows that could conceivably keep running for years, but she’s also going to suffer a serious hit in the royalties department. It feels as though Disney and Lucasfilm will simply banish Cara Dune to the history books, never to be seen or heard from again, while there’ve been reports that her action figures will be discontinued as well.

Inevitably, that’s led to a surge in pricing now that plastic Cara Dunes have become a collector’s item, and on sites like Amazon and eBay, the former MMA fighter’s fully poseable counterparts are already trading hands for hundreds of dollars. As the old saying goes, controversy generates cash, and getting their hands on a mint condition Gina Carano action figure has seen collectors around the world scrambling to obtain one of their own.

The actress obviously won’t see any of this money given that the trades are happening on third-party distributors, but one day years in the future, we’ll no doubt hear about The Mandalorian‘s former star being the subject of an intense bidding war over the last boxed Cara Dune action figure in existence.