More Rumors Point To Carl Weathers Starring In The Mandalorian


Despite the wobble of Solo, the future currently looks bright for Star Wars. First and foremost is the release of Episode IX, then we’ve got the return of The Clone Wars, the opening of the Galaxy’s Edge theme park, the AAA game Star Wars: Fallen Jedi and what’s looking like it could be the franchise’s equivalent of Game of Thrones in the form of Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian.

Ever since the show started shooting, we’ve had a steady trickle of information and set leaks about what it’ll consist of, but now, we’ve got some very interesting casting news to report on. According to Making Star Wars, they’ve received “pretty solid confirmation” that Predator and Rocky star Carl Weathers will be appearing in the series and has already filmed his scenes. This isn’t the first time the actor’s been rumored for the project, either, and given that MSW is usually quite reliable, we’re inclined to believe them.

While the exact narrative of The Mandalorian remains unknown, it seems that it’ll bring us a more down-to-earth take on the franchise, with the titular character getting involved in conflicts that perhaps don’t involve planets being destroyed and giant space battles. Personally, I’d love to see Weathers as an aged badass bounty hunter, someone feared and respected in equal measure.

Other casting rumors are that we’ll see John Leguizamo and Gina Carano in the show. If all these pan out, then Favreau’s assembling a seriously talented cast and who knows, it could even eclipse the live-action films as the most interesting and well-made piece of ongoing Star Wars media.

One thing’s for certain though, and that’s The Mandalorian is going to boost subscriber numbers to Disney’s streaming service like nobody’s business. Netflix had better watch their backs.