Castlevania Season 3 All But Confirmed For 2020 Premiere On Netflix


Powerhouse Animation, the VFX studio responsible for a certain Count Dracula, has placed its Twitter followers on red alert with a couple of intriguing teases for Castlevania season 3.

The third installment of the cult animated series was once rumored for a late 2019 premiere on Netflix, though, sadly, nothing came to pass. But fear not; for it seems the bat-shaped void is about to be filled very soon indeed, after Powerhouse Animation took to Twitter to literally spell out ‘2020’ with vampire emojis. The studio then doubled down on the Castlevania hype four days later, sharing a screenshot of the Netflix home screen which clearly states: “It’s official: Another Season [of Castlevania] is Coming.”

Sound the klaxon! Granted, Powerhouse stopped short of unveiling a specific date; but make no mistake, this is the first tangible update on Castlevania season 3 we’ve had in a very long time, so surely it won’t be long before we’re neck-deep in vampire lore and the Belmont clan once more.

Netflix subscribers (us included!) had been duped into thinking that Castlevania season 3 was due to arrive on January 12th, though has since confirmed that due date to be inaccurate – as luck would have it, Netflix shared the aforementioned date by mistake. Boo!

In all seriousness though, the growing momentum of the Castlevania animated series is exciting in and of itself. For one, Powerhouse and Netflix’s IP is now one of the very few competent video game adaptations – good enough to warrant more TV shows of its ilk. Hell, there have even been rumblings of Devil May Cry, another fan-favorite gaming franchise, joining Castlevania on Netflix’s roster of animated series. Will Dante and Vergil continue their eternal battle on the streaming platform? We can but hope.