Catch Up On Game Of Thrones With This 25 Minute Recap Video

Game of Thrones17

On April 6th, Game of Thrones fans will finally be able to return to Westeros when HBO’s hit fantasy series airs its fourth season. As is the case with many shows though, it’s always a bit tough to remember what happened in previous episodes and most people find that it takes a while to get back into things once a new season starts up. This is especially true for Thrones, as its narrative is incredibly complex and there are many, many moving pieces involved.

In order to help refresh the memories of those who don’t consider themselves diehard fans of the show, HBO has put together a handy 25 minute recap video that goes over the third season’s most important plot points. It’s long, but boy is it helpful. Game of Thrones last aired in June, so it’s been almost a year now since we’ve had the chance to watch the race for the Iron Throne. With so much having gone down in the last season, I think that almost everyone could use a small refresher before season four gets underway.

Of course, what’s shown below is FULL of spoilers, but then again, what kind of recap video would this be if it didn’t spoil anything? I was actually thinking of re-watching the entire third season next week, but considering the massive time commitment that would require, I think this video is the better option.

So, if you need a quick recap on what’s going on in Westeros, check out the video below. Then, let us know in the comments which moments from season 3 were your favorite and what you’re looking forward to on the upcoming season of Game of Thrones.