CBS Announces Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Premiere Date

Star Trek: Discovery

It’s been a long time since Star Trek: Discovery was last with us, with season 2 wrapping up way back in April 2019. Of course, we should’ve already seen the next run by now, but it was delayed due to the pandemic. However, it seems it won’t be too much longer until it arrives, as CBS has just announced that season 3 will premiere on Thursday, October 15th.

So, just a few months from now, then, and with any luck, it’ll have been worth the wait. After all, when we last saw Michael Burnham and the Discovery crew, they had found themselves 1000 years in the future after going through a wormhole. What exactly they’ll be getting up to in the new batch of episodes remains to be seen, but we’ve been told to expect a brighter tone than previous years and, more specifically, an optimistic, classic Trek feel, which should certainly be welcome.

While we await Discovery‘s arrival though, know that the recent Trek drought will soon come to an end, as Star Trek: Lower Decks hits CBS All Access on August 6th. It’ll serve up an animated comedy series aimed at a more mature crowd and based on everything we’ve seen of it so far, it looks to be a fun new addition to the franchise.

Circling back to Star Trek: Discovery, and we know that it’s already been renewed for a fourth and fifth season, not to mention that a movie with the show’s cast is apparently in the early stages of development, too. The future’s looking bright for the seriesthen, and we can’t wait to see what awaits us in the upcoming third season when it arrives this fall.

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