Chandler Riggs Gives His Verdict Of The Walking Dead Season 9

Carl The Walking Dead

It’s going on a year since Chandler Riggs bid his farewells to The Walking Dead cast and crew, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the singer-actor has lost touch with AMC’s zombie flagship.

As a matter of fact, this past weekend Riggs himself took to Twitter to poke fun at The Walking Dead and its unabiding love for a good old-fashioned cliffhanger. The meme? A GIF from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in which CJ utters the by-now famous line, “ah shit, here we go again.” It’s been doing the rounds for several weeks now, and I’m sure you’ve seen it in some shape or form.

It certainly applies here, too, though Riggs was quick to mention that everyone involved “seriously killed it” with The Walking Dead season 9.

Though he’s since departed The Walking Dead and put the character of Carl Grimes to rest – literally and figurately – Chandler Riggs regularly chimes in on AMC’s series, and even goes so far as to criticize his own performance as Rick’s protégé. Back in November, for instance, the young star told Reddit users that he “sucked when it mattered,” performance-wise. And now? He’s busy dropping new music, and recently appeared on ABC’s A Million Little Things, marking his first return to TV drama since his big Walking Dead exit.

But the show must go on, as the old saying goes. The Walking Dead will return for its historic 10th season at some point in October. And as is tradition, AMC has gone ahead and outlined its plans for San Diego Comic-Con 2019, with both TWD and its sister series, Fear The Walking Dead, expected to be in attendance. The date for your diary? July 19th, when each series will have its time to shine within the hallowed walls of Hall H.