Charlie Sheen Pitching Anger Management Sitcom?

Charlie Sheen is looking to get back into the sitcom biz just months after being fired from the hit series Two and a Half Men and being replaced by Ashton Kutcher. According to EW the always #Winning actor is teaming up with producer Joe Roth (TV’s Are We There Yet?) and Lionsgate to pitch a sitcom based on the 2003 Adam Sandler/Jack Nicholson comedy Anger Management.

For their part however, Lionsgate is denying they have made any deal with Sheen. Meanwhile, Deadline insider Nikki Finke asked a potent question of a potential Charlie Sheen sitcom: What showrunner would have the guts to work with Charlie Sheen? Sheen famously trashed his Two and a Half Men boss Chuck Lorre, a move that led to his ouster from that show.

Another important question about a potential Charlie Sheen sitcom: Which network would be willing to take on Charlie Sheen? After what Sheen did to CBS; leaving his top rated show with episodes left to film, holding the hit series hostage for several weeks, and the potential for bad PR from future drug and or alcohol related incidents, Sheen may be to risky for a network or even cable.

On the other hand, Charlie Sheen has massive name recognition, a loyal following and a very high curiousity level. People will likely tune in to a Charlie Sheen sitcom simply out of peculiar interest. Also, Charlie Sheen‘s troubles are not scaring away Comedy Central. The cable network is going to roast Charlie Sheen this fall. Whether Comedy Central would be willing take Charlie on full time is another matter.

In other Charlie Sheen news, the actor has booked another non-televised gig. THR reports that Sheen will be on stage August 13 of this year at the Gathering of the Juggalos Festival in Cave-in-Rock, Illinois. The annual gathering of fans of the rap group Insane Clown Posse will also feature Busta RhymesFlava Flav and Lil Jon. Said Sheen of the event “I’ve always been a hardcore Juggalo.”

As for a Charlie SheenAnger Management sitcom, we will have to wait and see if it comes together or not.