Why Chris Evans’ Captain America Could Appear In Loki


Any film or television project that heavily involves time travel is always going to find itself under intense scrutiny, and that’s especially true when it occurs in a franchise the size of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with fans keen to dissect the minutiae of even the smallest references or background moments, so you’d imagine Loki creator Michael Waldron has things pretty well mapped out.

Of course, we’re talking about a multiversal comic book series where the title hero witnesses his own death a decade into the future, resigning himself to the fact that the best way to get what he wants is to reluctantly team up with the Time Variance Authority, and holding on to the hope that maybe a giant purple intergalactic homicidal maniac isn’t going to murder him should he lend an assist to track down a rogue variant of himself and maintain the Sacred Timeline.

The God of Mischief was quick to point out that the Avengers did a spot of time traveling as well and weren’t reprimanded, only to be told that the Timekeepers had deemed it necessary. And now, coincidentally following on from an unconfirmed rumor that Chris Evans’ Captain America was getting a Disney Plus show tracking his movements as he returned the Infinity Stones, another report has outlined exactly how the MCU’s original Cap could theoretically show up in Loki.

Steve splitting timelines has been heavily debated by both fans and the filmmakers since Endgame was released, which is the jumping-off point for speculating on how an Evans appearance might potentially play out, given that he’s clearly created at least one branching reality by remaining in the past to live his life with Peggy Carter, before returning to the Sacred Timeline as an old man to hand over his shield to Sam Wilson. As always, the MCU will keep its cards close to the chest, but based on the first two episodes of Loki alone, it’s hardly as though anything can be definitively ruled in or out just yet.