Constantine TV Series May Be Revived On HBO Max With Matt Ryan


John Constantine has been a regular presence in the Arrowverse over the past couple of years, but his TV career hasn’t always been so smooth. Despite fans instantly taking to Matt Ryan as the Hellblazer, NBC cancelled Constantine after just one season back in 2014. Thankfully, he was later folded into The CW’s DC TV universe and Ryan has since been able to reprise his role on Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow and his own animated miniseries.

Seeing as he’s become such a popular character in that franchise, though, there’s a possibility that he might be given another crack at his own series. Sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us a Green Lantern TV show is coming to HBO Max and that Daniel Radcliffe is being eyed for Marvel’s Moon Knight, both of which have since been confirmed – are saying that Constantine could be revived on the aforementioned HBO Max. This would effectively be a continuation of the NBC series, with Ryan again donning his trench coat as the occult detective. And while this isn’t a sure thing just yet, We Got This Covered is hearing that execs are currently having talks about bringing it back.

Of course, some plot threads from Constantine have already been picked up in LoT. For one, season 4 reintroduced Astra Logue, the child that Constantine was unable to save from being sent to hell, as per his backstory in the NBC series. However, the now-grown Astra’s time in hell has turned her into a villain and when last seen she was unleashing the souls of some of the most evil men in history on the world.


As well as a new Constantine TV show, the character is also expected to return to the big screen in the next few years, as a movie reboot is rumored to be in the works from The Batman writer Mattson Tomlin. Keanu Reeves could potentially make a comeback in the title role, too, after playing him in the 2005 film.

In short, now’s a good time to be a Constantine fan and as soon as we learn more about his fate on screens both big and small, we’ll be sure to let you know.