Crisis On Infinite Earths BTS Video Reveals A Superman/Spider-Man Team-Up

Crisis on Infinite Earths

This year’s Arrowverse crossover, “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” was the biggest and best yet, essentially delivering everything a fan could ask for: crossovers with multiple classic movies and TV shows, Batman himself and a bunch of Supermen. You know what the only thing that could improve it would be, though? A Marvel/DC crossover where Spider-Man hung out with the Man of Steel.

While such a thing isn’t going to appear on our screens anytime soon, it turns out Brandon Routh and his son Leo created this legendary team-up behind the scenes. The Legends of Tomorrow star shared a cute throwback video on his Instagram today, featuring him in his Kingdom Come Superman suit posing alongside Leo, who was in the guise of the famed webslinger. Like Routh says in his caption, this is “the 1st ever Superman/Spider-Man photoshoot.”


It’s no surprise that Leo’s into superheroes given his parents – not only is his dad both Superman and the Atom, but his mom Courtney Ford has also been part of the Arrowverse since Legends season 3 as Nora Darhk. Unfortunately, both actors were written out of the series – apparently for good – in its last aired episode, as Ray Palmer and Nora tied the knot and decided to return to present-day Earth.

It’s a move that has not been popular with fans, to say the least, who felt that the pair were key parts of what makes the Waverider ensemble work so well. Routh himself has also admitted to being put out by the writers’ decision to let them go, which had nothing to do with Routh or Ford, as the actor said it was “not well handled” and the storyline felt “forced”. It’s doubly sad that his Legends exit comes so soon after his triumphant return to the Superman role after 13 years, too. Oh well, at least we’ll always have “Crisis on Infinite Earths.”