Legends Of Tomorrow Fans Are Crushed Over Brandon Routh’s Exit

The Atom on Legends of Tomorrow

Last night, Legends of Tomorrow finally reached an episode that fans of the time-traveling DC series have been dreading – the last appearance for both Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford as regulars. Routh has been on board the Waverider since the show began and Ford has become a firm fan favorite, too, since she joined the cast in season 3. Unfortunately, we learned the news late last year that the real-life couple was being written out of Legends in season 5.

Yesterday’s episode, “Romeo V Juliet: Dawn of Justness,” was the installment in question. Though it was a very sweet, perfect goodbye for the pair – as Ray Palmer and Nora Darhk tied the knot and got themselves a happy ending – fans are mostly just distraught that Mr. and Mrs. Atom are leaving the Arrowverse.

We’re all going to miss them.


Emotions are running high.

While some folks are saddened by the episode, others are angry. Routh has previously revealed that it was neither his nor Ford’s decision to exit Legends and that they were let go by the production team.

And everyone’s in agreement that they made a big mistake with that.

Louder for the ones in the back!

Routh has spoken about how tough it was for himself and his wife to get the news that they were being booted off the series, describing it as being “not handled well.” And fans think they deserved better treatment.

But hey, if you don’t watch it, that means it never happened… Right? Right?

Making the duo’s exit harder is the fact that Legends won’t air any new episodes for the rest of the month. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak halting production on The CW’s series, the network has pulled the next few episodes from the schedules. So, we’ll have to wait even longer for that Arrowverse/Supernatural crossover, which would’ve been a much-needed pick-me-up.

We don’t have an exact date just yet, but Legends of Tomorrow will likely return in April.