Brandon Routh Says Ray And Nora’s Legends Of Tomorrow Exit Felt Forced

The Atom on Legends of Tomorrow

This past Tuesday delivered a monumental episode of Legends of Tomorrowas both Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford made their last appearances as series regulars. As Ray Palmer/The Atom, Routh has been on board the Waverider from the very beginning, and was also a major player on Arrow before that. Likewise, his real-life wife Ford has become a fan favorite since joining the cast in season 3. As such, there are a lot of folks unhappy that they’ve been written out.

And as has become sadly very clear by now, Routh is one of them. The actor’s previously opened up about how it was certainly neither his nor Ford’s decision to leave and it was something that was sprung on them and, in his words, not handled well. This has led the star to have some mixed feelings about his character’s exit.

While speaking to TV Guide before his final episode aired, Routh addressed his appreciation for Ray and Nora’s marriage, but admitted that the timing felt “forced.”

“On one level, I’m happy [that Ray and Nora got married]. It’s a future I did see for them so I don’t think it’s wrong that they’re married…” Routh said. “The exit is also very quick and forced, and so I have challenges with that on a personal level.”

That said, he still thinks the episode, titled “Romeo V Juliet: Dawn of Justness,” is a strong one, describing it as more “mature” and “emotional” than most Legends adventures.

“I think Legends does that from time to time,” he added, “but this is even more standout in that respect for me.”

In another interview with TV Guide, Ford herself echoed her husband’s comments, saying that the pair were a bit taken aback by Ray and Nora’s speedy nuptials and felt the whole thing “was a little fast.”

“In real life, Brandon and I knew each other for four years before we had a wedding. So on a personal level, we were like, ‘Wait a minute, didn’t we just say ‘I love you’ for the first time this last episode? What’s happening?’ We’re more practical.”

Following Mr. and Mrs. Palmer’s walk down the aisle and off the Waverider, Legends of Tomorrow season 5 is taking a break, as The CW’s productions deal with the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s expected to resume its normal schedule – with a quasi-Supernatural crossover episode – sometime in April.