Crisis On Infinite Earths Will Have An Open-Ended Conclusion

Crisis on Infinite Earths

We’re just around the corner from “Crisis on Infinite Earths” now and fans can’t wait to see how the biggest Arrowverse crossover yet will impact The CW’s DC TV franchise. Given the source material, the expectation is that it will completely restructure the Arrowverse as we know it and remove a few key pieces off the board in the process. But, according to one of the event’s stars, things might be more open-ended than we’re anticipating.

While speaking with CBR, LaMonica Garrett – who’ll be featured as both the Monitor and his evil twin, the Anti-Monitor – was asked about the ending of “Crisis.” The actor was keen not to give anything away but pointed to the crossover following in a grand tradition of comic books: killing characters off in seemingly final ways only for them to return later down the line.

“I think, with comic books period, it’s always open-ended. Nothing’s ever definitive. Even back in the day, like when Doomsday killed Superman, but then he came back. So, you know, stuff happens. I don’t want to give too much away with the crossover. But, you know, in the comic book world… Like I was joking around with one of the producers, and we’re talking about The Princess Bride and there was a scene in The Princess Bride where it’s like, ‘Is he a little dead or is he all the way dead?’ Billy Crystal’s character. To me, that’s the comic book world: ‘Is he dead, or is he just a little dead? Which dead is he?’ So, you know, we’ll see what happens, but I think the writers are creative, that’s the base of it.”

In the original comic storyline, both the Flash and Supergirl gave their lives in order to stop the Anti-Monitor from wiping out the multiverse. Both heroes were canonically dead for a long time but did eventually return many years later. In the TV version, it’s looking like Green Arrow will be the one to pull an Iron Man and lay down his life for the greater good. Going by Garrett’s comments, though, there’s still the potential for Oliver Queen to come back later on.

Still, all the signs are pointing to the Arrowverse being much changed by “Crisis.” One recent promo (which you can see above) seemed to suggest that Black Lightning‘s Earth gets destroyed. This seems to be our first hint that all the network’s DC shows will take place on the same world following the conclusion of the crossover.

As such, you better believe that worlds will live and worlds will die when”Crisis on Infinite Earths” begins on December 8th.