Crisis On Infinite Earths Star Getting Hate Messages For Oliver’s Death


Although we’re a good few weeks out from the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event, it seems that some fans can’t quite let go of its consequences. Unfortunately, this misplaced (and somewhat baffling) anger has ended up being directed at LaMonica Garrett, the actor who played the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor in the Arrowverse.

Garrett took to Twitter to share some of the unpleasant direct messages he’s been getting on Instagram and from the looks of it, he’s being inexplicably blamed for Oliver Queen’s death on the show. In the post below, it’s plain to see that some fans (in a very loose sense of the word) have decided to attack Garrett over something he had no control over. Sure, he was playing a near-omniscient cosmic being able to move between dimensions, but it’s unlikely that he has this inclination in real life. Indeed, it would be going pretty far for anyone to confuse Garrett with either the Monitor or the Anti-Monitor.


It’s fair to say, at least in our opinion, that the finale of the “Crisis” had some weak moments, but was overall a fitting send-off to Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen and this stage of the Arrowverse. While Amell was reportedly frustrated by the manner in which he went out, when combined with the way Arrow wrapped up, it’s hard to see what more the producers could have done. Of course, some fans are heartbroken by Oliver’s death, but the solution is almost certainly not to blame it on LaMonica Garrett.

Garrett, who as a former professional Slamball player, presumably isn’t too easy to intimidate, tested the Multiverse’s heroes with the “Elseworlds” crisis, before gradually taking on a key role in the events that led to the Arrowverse’s destruction and rebirth. As well as playing the Monitor, or Mar Novu, Garrett pulled double duty as the villainous Anti-Monitor, whom Oliver Queen ultimately sacrificed himself to destroy and bring back the Multiverse.

Although it doesn’t seem that LaMonica Garrett is going to lose much sleep over criticism for his part in “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” that he gets these kinds of comments at all shows that perhaps our own reality is coming under strain. Just a shame, then, that Garrett can’t call on the Monitor’s powers to do something about it.