Crunchyroll’s Newest Anime Gets Review Bombed By Anti-LGBT+ Trolls

It’s no secret that Crunchyroll is one of the best ways to watch anime online. So when they announced they would be creating their own original show — High Spice Guardian — many were excited to see what the company could produce.

While the show originally faced tons of controversy when it was first announced, it was quite obvious that many people on the internet were incredibly excited for the show, with many users on Twitter and reviewers alike showing their support.

However, if you looked at the reviews and comments section for the show on Crunchyroll, you’d get an entirely different picture. It seems that many anti-LGBT+ trolls, angry about the positive representation of queer people in the show, have taken to leaving as many negative reviews for the show as possible in an attempt to sabotage High Guardian Spice before it can take off.

You can check out some of these obviously negative reviews in the gallery below.

While anime spaces have previously been quite male-dominated in the US with a strong preference for shounen shows, there’s no denying how hits like Sailor Moon, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Yuri on Ice brought in tons of diverse viewers back when they originally aired.

Likely just as has been the case in comics and video games, this is just another group of people angry to see something they love changing and trying to lash out against that change.

If you want to see what High Spice Guardian is all about to see if it’s good or bad for yourself, it’s streaming now exclusively on Crunchyroll.