Crunchyroll’s Newest Anime Gets Review Bombed By Anti-LGBT+ Trolls

It’s no secret that Crunchyroll is one of the best ways to watch anime online. So when they announced they would be creating their own original show — High Spice Guardian — many were excited to see what the company could produce.

While the show originally faced tons of controversy when it was first announced, it was quite obvious that many people on the internet were incredibly excited for the show, with many users on Twitter and reviewers alike showing their support.

However, if you looked at the reviews and comments section for the show on Crunchyroll, you’d get an entirely different picture. It seems that many anti-LGBT+ trolls, angry about the positive representation of queer people in the show, have taken to leaving as many negative reviews for the show as possible in an attempt to sabotage High Guardian Spice before it can take off.

You can check out some of these obviously negative reviews in the gallery below.

While anime spaces have previously been quite male-dominated in the US with a strong preference for shounen shows, there’s no denying how hits like Sailor Moon, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Yuri on Ice brought in tons of diverse viewers back when they originally aired.

Likely just as has been the case in comics and video games, this is just another group of people angry to see something they love changing and trying to lash out against that change.

If you want to see what High Spice Guardian is all about to see if it’s good or bad for yourself, it’s streaming now exclusively on Crunchyroll.

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  1. Sasquatchsays:

    Two of the three tweets you posted as evidence of the show’s positive reception are from people who worked on the show…

    1. Billysays:


  2. Megamindsays:

    “Anti-LGBT trolls” is a strawman argument.
    There are shows and videogames that have more LGBT characters in them that WEREN’T review bombed.

    You’re not showing any evidence that ALL of these people are homophobic, and hating a show that coincidentally has LGBT characters and themes in it because of a generic art style, a sexist lead writer, and a budget that was supposed to go to Japanese creators isn’t evidence.

    1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      “You’re not showing any evidence that ALL of these people are homophobic”

      Nobody claimed that EVERYONE who doesn’t like the anime is homophobic. Nice attempt at strawmanning, though.

      1. Megamindsays:

        The title literally refers to “Anti-LGBT trolls”.

      2. That Guysays:

        The problem is if you go to the site and read the actual reviews… People are actually criticizing specific aspects of the plot, the characters, the poor story telling, etc. This article is merely trying to frame even a majority of it as anti-LGBT sentiment, but that’s far from the truth. This is what we call not being able to take criticism and thus deflecting. This is precisely why the people who made this shouldn’t be in this industry.

      3. Aintwokesays:

        Really? One of the screenshots you guys gave literally list out most of the biggest problems that this “anime” have, why it is disliked and hat yet focused on anti lgbt crap? Lol.

    2. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      “There are shows and videogames that have more LGBT characters in them that WEREN’T review bombed.”

      And there was also stuff that got review bombed for even LESS LGBT representation. Homophobes actually created an alternate cut of Avengers Endgame in order to edit out the one minor homosexual character who says a few lines at the beginning of the movie. It’s not like it’s unthinkable that reactionary right wingers would go after something like this.

      1. Megamindsays:

        Yes, there are people who will hate LGBT related shows for being LGBT related.
        But others just have opinions as to why they hate this show.
        A sexist lead writer is one of them.

      2. Chr335says:

        No that was Disney trying to keep the movie in China

      3. Billysays:

        “And there was also stuff that got review bombed for even LESS LGBT representation. ”
        Like what? What brilliant, or even competent, work of fiction has ever been review bombed by anti-LGBTQ+ trolls? Name one. I’ll wait.

      4. BTPsays:

        Based on Chr335’s fact, are you trying to say that the entirety of China are “Homophobes” or you just came by the alternate cut of Avengers Endgame without any deep research?

      5. Big Daddy Magnumsays:

        I will take things that never actually happened at all for $5,000,000 ALEX!

      6. Anti Vanilla Spicesays:

        Hey @BTP I suppose you didn’t get the question right Chris wasn’t necessarily saying all of China is homophobic rather any movie made by america wouldn’t be published in China as the government is against it hence the movie wouldn’t be as popular or successful as it is money is more important than representation to disney

  3. Johnnysays:

    See this is the problem with people today. You can give an entire list of legitimate criticisms and all they focus on is “trolls dislike show because it features LGBT characters.” That’s why this is so laughable. Just because a show has LGBT representation DOESN’T automatically make it good. But they don’t want to hear that. They want you to say “Oh, I absolutely love shows like this”, otherwise your a troll or bigot. But hey, that’s the world we live in folks. I wouldn’t even bother pirating this awful show. If that makes me a troll or a bigot, then I proudly wear that compliment like a badge of honor!

    1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      You right wing clowns are so laughably dishonest.

      There are examples there of people calling it “woke trash” and complaining about “political correctness” and “forced inclusivity”.

      When you go out of your way to tell everyone that your problem with the show is the LGBT inclusion, then you lose the right to turn around and whine about it when people accuse of of complaining because of LGBT inclusion.

      1. SBoysays:

        Exactly, they give the game away when they start going on about woke this and PC that. It is petty obvious from the review section on Crunchyroll that a majority of the negativity is from people that never gave it a chance or an incredibly superficial one.

      2. Just Nobodysays:

        “Woke Trash” “Political correctness” “forced inclusivity”

        And? That’s bashing you as leftists who can’t apparently write a half decent “anime”

        Yes, things like those are said, no where in the evidence presented where they calling out gays, bi people, etc, as that’s not the main focus on the arguments, even some anime coming from Japan is giving out representation, yet no one is review bombing them, matter of fact one of the “evidence” posted, was an LGBT+ member who said they felt insulted by this show.

        Drop your hypocrisy you stereotypical leftists, money could have gone to real creators, animators, instead of these hacks. Ffs, people are saying that it would probably have been popular on vrv, cartoon network, Netflix, same people who are bashing the show now.

        You try to straw man your arguments with “gotcha” responses. It’s not working, defend the show all you want, won’t save it from being a terribly written, voiced, and animated show.

      3. Chr335says:

        Cool so what is good about the show

      4. That Guysays:

        The problem is that those are still valid criticisms. “Forced inclusivity” for example means that the inclusivity doesn’t come off as genuine, authentic or realistic, it comes off as a manufactured product just to appease those minority groups rather than show them respect or integrity.

        The issue is that the show is written and made so poorly that it’s actually an insult to the marginalized groups that it’s trying to support. It’s basically saying they don’t deserve quality, so long as we show them at all, that’s good enough. It also paints a picture that blatantly insults anyone not in its intended audience which encourages division rather than inclusion.

        I watched the show, I gave it an earnest chance, AND I am LGBT and I felt the show was a huge insult to everyone who watched it. The quality is laughable, the writing is poor and insulting, and the LGBT inclusion feels so forced that it’s insulting to my intelligence.

        Classifying anyone who disagrees as somehow a hater is why division is continuing. The writers should listen to the criticism and adapt. But instead, people put out nonsense articles like this trying to deflect blame on anything other than the creators’ failures. If their skin is so thin that they can’t handle the criticism, they should get out of the industry.

      5. SBoysays:

        Of course there are legit criticism, there are for every show. But it is funny how everyone saying there are so many legit things seem to leave out that this show was trashed on and trolled endlessly even when it was just announced and we found out people in the LGBT space were making it. Don’t act like all of the sudden people just happened upon some horrible show that is getting good-faith criticism all of the sudden in bulk. Yes, the issue here is leftists over reacting over valid criticism. Give me a break. If the show isn’t for you at all, and you gave it more than 1 episode of a chance, chances are maybe you are nowhere close to the target audience anyways. But if you look at the drop-off in episode to episode, far fewer leave comments which tells me that no, many did not give this a good chance at all and have pre determined opinions. It would have taken the equivalent of a Mozart Symphony level masterpiece to change some people’s minds. I watched the hate from the beginning so don’t gaslight this…

      6. Yourfacesays:

        Imagine being so insecure with yourself that you’d have to shutdown his claim because it goes against yours. You are literally doing what he just said good job

      7. supermansays:

        suck a dick you fucking nigger

      8. spam123689says: is he right wing he said nothing that indicated he was.
        2.”There are examples” yes but just because you hear a couple of people yell awful shit in the middle of the crowd doesn’t mean the entire crowd is in on it
        3.”When you go out of your way to tell everyone that your problem with the show is the LGBT inclusion” except he didn’t say that at all he said “just because a show has LGBT representation DOESN’T automatically make it good” and nothing about this statement is wrong or anti LGBT.

  4. Conqsays:

    Maybe the show just sucks lol

  5. Lainsays:

    the reason it’s getting bombed isn’t because it’s lgbt it’s because it’s really bad.
    if the show was good and interesting it would be harder for these “””trolls””” to justify hating on it but it’s not.

    the trans and queer representation are nice but those aren’t character traits and don’t make a character interesting by default .

    write good interesting characters and people will like your show

  6. Lososays:

    I gave the show a chance because I like owl house And thought they were maybe in the same lane . So far I’m on episode 6 Personally is watchable it isnt that bad but it also isn’t that good either ..

  7. Kofikupsays:

    Or maybe, just maybe, people expected Crunchyroll to not embezzle their money for passion projects and put it towards actual anime studios like they said they would.

  8. Nana nanasays:

    What target audience this anime?
    Is shonen?, soujo?, seinen?, josei?
    And list of the tag?
    Magic, magical girl, super hero, fantasy, cross dresing, gender bender, yuri, yaoi, bishoujo, etc ?

  9. killermoonsays:

    95% of negative comments and review did not mention anything about lgbt…. The anime is simply boring and bad

    ALso, there is many Japanese anime that has trap character (biological boy that dress and identify as female) and yet these did not get negative reviews like this anime

  10. killermoonsays:

    High Guardian Spice has many negative reviews in youtube and Twitter…. not just crunchyroll…

    Funny how you show only two comment from twitter and then claim that users are showing support… .LOL… I found tons of negative comments in twitter after searching.

    1. Boogoosays:

      The voice talent was not great and the lips didn’t match speech.

      Ok with the representation. Don’t care for being preachy but if the voices were a bit better I might enjoy it.

  11. OldManBobbsays:

    It wasnt review bombed. The show is just bad. The plot, characters, the sound, the art. Just all terrible.

    1. Conqsays:


  12. Billysays:

    Or maybe the show is just bad. Oh, wait, it has representation, therefore everything else about it is bot subject to criticism.

  13. Horokehsays:

    This whole article is absolute bullcrap.

    I’m gay, I love LGBT storylines, I’ve watched shoujo kakumei utena, I loved Netflix’s She-ra, High Guardian Spice is garbage, awful dialogues, terrible animation, uninspired unfocused story, characters and hamfisted heavy-handed message that does nothing to really tell a worthwhile story.

  14. Skeleton Postersays:

    I’m pretty sure that most people complaining about this show hate that it exists because Crunchyroll decided to ignore what its customers wanted in favor of making it. It’s not Anime (you know, the express reason people are subscribed to CR), and the money wasted on it would have been better spent on securing licenses for more shows.

    The show as a whole is awful; its dialogue is horrid, its writing pathetic, its artstyle slapdash, its animation slipshod. Yet all these legitimate complaints will be ignored in favor of making the argument that it isn’t doing well because of anti-LGBT sentiment.

    Way to make the problem worse, WGTC.

  15. Simonsays:

    Ladies and gentlemen
    If you are dont like this show, you are officially bigot, misogynistic, anti lgbt, bla bla bla
    Thats the problem with identity politics, view whoever in the opposite direction as enemy.

    1. BlackSombreroMansays:


  16. Ziimaxsays:

    I don’t wanna sound rude or any thing, but to me is nothing more then a fake anime made by left-leaning artist that know nothing about anime (sorry)

  17. BlackSombreroMansays:

    Naturally, if a woke show gets criticized for being crap, it’s because the critics are ‘bigots’.

    No, it’s because the show is below average trash.

  18. All of the Grasssays:

    Here’s the thing. The target audience was clearly for the LGBT+, so if people don’t like those themes in their TV shows for whatever reason, there’s no reason to ruin something for other people.

    But that’s not the problem here… Art, sound, and writing quality aside, the forced misrepresentation of people who are NOT in their target audience is offensive and insulting to us. Does that sound familiar? The shoe’s just on the other foot now… this show feels like a way for minorities to get back at the majority crowd because they don’t seem to want to encourage inclusion or equality, all they want to do is widen the divide because of an ingrained insecurity that they need to move on from. I’ve seen it happen EVERYWHERE… For those in the LGBT who are loud and proud, please just try harder to let your shield down and stop shutting out people who think differently. It’s not all of the reason why people are upset, but it IS the reason why no one is happy and why this just isn’t working.

    Also… if someone refuses to watch something based on principle, that’s not a foreign concept. People may trash a show automatically for having a lead writer who is a misandrist… You’re telling me that there’s no one in the LGBT+ community who wouldn’t despise something that was made by a raging misogynist?

    Take a second and look at the real criticisms. You may have to dig through the troll comments, sure, but they ARE there. And if there’s any hope at all for this world, maybe LGBT+ can finally be a little more accepted when they evolve past this phase of them thinking any criticism they receive is an attack on who they are by people whose say doesn’t matter.

  19. heybabysays:

    Did you have brain damage before you did this article? Because it sure as heck reads like it. Keep stanning for a mediocre heap of trash all you want, trying to call constructive critics bigots for pointing out the show’s many flaws won’t make the show any better now will it?

    1. Luccatilsays:

      Anyone who defends Kate Leth isn’t all there in the brain to be honest and or they’ve been paid to do so.

  20. Crissays:

    Even as a queer person, in all honesty, just because there are a lot of people angry over LGBT representation in the show, doesn’t mean the quality of the show can be immune to scrutiny. The show was legitimately bad enough for me to give it a two star review. In the review section of crunchy roll there are way too many five and one star reviews. Five stars is definitely too much for a show of such low quality, but one star is too little as there are shows that are way worse. To sum up the show after watching all 12 episodes: Mediocre. It is full of generic anime clichés and awkward voice acting. The LGBT parts weren’t even bad. So that aspect is undeserving of the hate it gets.

  21. Talisasays:

    I’m trans, and this show isn’t just garbage, but its offensive on an artistic and storytelling level. These aren’t characters, they’re stereotypes and hollow shells devoid of personality with extremely shallow ‘character’. The art is pretty, when it isn’t moving. Everything animated looks off, rife with animation errors and stolen asset images.

    The fact that I had to clarify I’m trans before making this comment proves just how absurd the people who support this stupid excuse for a show are. Have they all just forgotten one of the people working on the show literally advocates for male genocide?

    1. Luccatilsays:

      I’m here to back this comment up in solidarity as a fellow trans individual. I agree one hundred percent with everything they’ve said. Regardless of the LGBT archetypes, The show would be bad with or without them just as equally.

  22. I gave up after two episodessays:

    It’s not bad because it’s LGBTQ! IT’S BAD BECAUSE IT’S BAD! The animation, the voice acting, the wretched slow pace. These things are a net detriment to anything that could be good about it!

  23. Oi I’m an asexual trans guy and this show has bad dialogue. Annoying main characters. And so on. Does that make me anti lgbt?

  24. un_knownsays:

    if you were to actually show the “hate/review bombs” that you’ve click baited people to see then this would be a different story, a part from 1 or 2 that were actually trolling against the LGBTQ+ community, your 18 pages of supposed “evidence” is that of people complaining about the art, the voice acting and the story, none of which is anti-lgbt. stop using the LGBTQ+ community to get click baits and show that you give a damn, to which clearly that you don’t.

  25. Luccatilsays:

    I guess as a trans woman who dislikes the show very much I’m “Anti-LGBT”.
    Way to make me feel invalidated. DO you know how bigoted you sound saying that all LGBT people have to bow down and like the show? This is the transphobia and oppression I have to face daily and quite frankly I’m tired of people speaking for me.
    What if I do hate the show for its poor execution of adding LGBT characters too? I’m not anti-LGBT for it, I’m just being real. Spoon-feeding people information like they’re babies is just going to do the opposite and get more people to hate us. Quit being a detriment to me, because you’re just adding to the oppression. Most of the comments section on the tweet are mostly about how bad crunchyroll handled the finances, or how poor the animation and quality is. Don’t defend scumball practices and stock image quality just because you’re trying to be self-righteous for the LGBT community. I’m sick of it. You’re the real problem.

  26. Memewaresays:

    Legit garbage.
    Im not even sure what all this lgbt stuff is people are complaining about because I didn’t get that far I guess in the series.
    If I had to compare it to anything else on TV id say it’s similar to the Challenger explosion.. about 30 seconds after it starts it’s already a flaming garbage pile that nobody wants to ride to the end

  27. Jessesays:

    Ay Yo , Mr. White, There’s this wack ass show on TV now but like they names be all like Parsley and thyme and shit. Those ain’t spices, bitch! Those are Herbs like yo check this shit out I got this mad herb I’m smokin. Speakin of spices tho I do put chili powder in my meth.

  28. Joshua Sotelosays:

    As a transgender black jewish lesbian I firmly believe we should legalize throwing leftists and SJW’s into woodchippers. They’re too mentally ill to reason with and always think they’re right. They talk about trans rights but I have rights. We need freedom of speech which they’re trying to take away. Capitalism is freedom and that’s another right they want to take away. They all deserve to be blasted with cannons and it should be legal to do so.

  29. Boojaysays:

    this CARTOON (dont call it an anime) is so bad, u can’t even find it on any pirate site. No body is interested in pirating this!

    As for gay representation that u think the “trolls” hate, there are shows like Dragon Maid which does the gay thing better.

    Did u think your money would go to actual anime studios to make good anime? No! It’s going straight to Crunchyroll to make this lame cartoon!

  30. Bob jr.says:

    this was made with 2 minute of research

  31. SkylerZeddsays:

    All video reviews on youtube I’ve seen have been negative, and all of those are from incredible people I respect, who some, support LGBTQ+ with all their heart and are part of it. I can’t believe you would go out of your way to slander these amazing and progressive people with hate like this. Calling some of these LGBTQ+ reviewers for haters and people who discriminate. This article is such an attack on the LGBTQ+ that it sickens me. It needs to be taken down ASAP as it slanders the LGBTQ+ community. This is clearly an anti-LGBTQ+ article written to attack reviewers of the LGBTQ+ community. SICKENING

  32. Consersays:

    1. It’s not an anime.
    2. Most (probably 95-98%) people are mad that they used subscriber money that was meant for Japanese studios.
    3. It’s marketing, when it was first revealed to the public, was all about the crew and not about what the plot was going to be or anything like that.
    4.It’s…it’s just a bad cartoon as many people have pointed out that they’re using stock image assets that don’t mesh well with the animation.

  33. Kate Lethsays:

    curbstomp pregnant black niggers twist niggers heads off with their dreadlocks burn a nigger alive in fried chicken grease torch niggers with elon musk’s flamethrower throw niggers in front of an ongoing train blast niggers with civil war cannons disintegrate niggers with low orbit ion cannons

  34. Anti Vanilla Spicesays:

    That’s a horrible take I gave no heed to the LGBTQ part of the story and it’s not a part of my concern one of my favourite anime is dragon maid which includes quite a ton of LGBTQ relationships

    The show is just terrible ranging from
    Terrible voice acting
    Self inserted charecters
    Terrible charecter designs
    Horrible storytelling

    And of course how can I forget to mention the sexist writer

  35. autistic_anon.mp4says:

    i don’t understand anything about this controversy lol
    i’ve never even seen it, all i know is that there’s gay stuff, something about sexism, there’s pngs of bread and it’s not in china

  36. Narasays:

    It´s not review bombed, it is just very bad series with ugly, lazy, childish art style, pictures taken from shutterstock and inserted into the scenes with the parts of copyright logo still visible, terrible dialogues and plot and annoying main characters.

  37. Vimainsays:

    lets address this article as it seems very biased. 2/3 tweets
    “incredibly excited for the show, with many users on Twitter and reviewers alike showing their support.”
    worked on the show.

    Looking through the gallery of negative reviews only 3/18 even mention it. And only 1 out of those 3 is actually anti-lgbtq+. So it wasn’t review bombed. It just wasn’t a good anime and focused more on an agenda then storytelling. In the future maybe try being objective and taking biases out of your article.

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