Cryptic Tom Hiddleston Tweet Has Got Fans Hoping For Some Loki News


Tom Hiddleston has tweeted exactly twice this year. The first time was just last week when the MCU regular teased of “stories to tell” and “mischief to make” in the upcoming Loki TV show, and the second post came yesterday in the form of a video that some Marvel fans interpreted as part two in the actor’s promotion of his standalone Disney Plus series.

But while it’s safe to say that a good proportion of the star’s followers are MCU fans, let’s not forget that Hiddleston still has a career outside of this one franchise. This new clip, for instance, was actually teasing the actor’s involvement in an upcoming stage production of Harold Pinter’s Betrayal, with news of his involvement officially breaking just a few hours ago.

Still, it’s easy to see why any fan feeling eager for some Loki-related developments might’ve been all too happy to jump to conclusions from this short clip. After all, one only has to make a quick hop over to the Russo Brothers Twitter account to see how cryptic posts are a standard part of Marvel promotion. What’s more “betrayal” is certainly something we’ve come to expect from Thor’s brother, and while Hiddleston may not look much like Loki in the video, he’s also been known to change his appearance far more drastically than this.

So yes, it was just a false alarm this time folks, but if you happen to be in London in spring next year, then there are certainly worse ways to spend an evening than watching a Golden Globe-winning actor walk the boards. In any case, with the Loki show now officially confirmed for Disney’s upcoming streaming service, you can hopefully expect some more actual news to be coming our way before too long.