The CW Announces Return Dates For Arrowverse Shows


The CW’s assortment of shows are now all on hiatus for the holidays, but the network of impossibly beautiful people has finally announced when in the new year we can expect the return of its current roster of unfinished seasons in a handy graphic.

Although confusingly not mentioned, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow return on January 14th in the culminating two parts of “Crisis On Infinite Earths” and the epic final battle against the Anti-Monitor.

After the superheroics, the first show back is Nancy Drew on January 15th, seeing the girl detective deal with the consequences of the final discovery in her new case of murder and ghosts.

January 16th then continues the very final season of Supernatural, seeing the Winchesters and their dwindling allies attempt to prevent yet another apocalypse and finally be free of the influence of a malevolent God. Also restarting on that day is Legacies, with more supernatural angst from attractive teenagers.

January 17th brings back more demon-battling witchy magic in the form of the Charmed reboot, and more smirking, snarking and backstabbing with Dynasty.

After the multiverse has been restored, January 19th sees the return of Batwoman and Supergirl, each of which will likely brush over the aftermath of “Crisis” and return to the regularly scheduled programming of romantic entanglements, family drama and crazed villains.

More superheroics come on January 20th with Black Lightning continuing to battle callous government forces and invading foreign military, and All American continues its reality-inspired tale of football, divided loyalties and grim reality.

Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow then both return proper on January 21st, respectively with a backdoor pilot for the already confirmed 2040-set spinoff series Green Arrow and the Canaries, and whatever new time-traveling insanities the crew of the Waverider will encounter this season.

January 22th, meanwhile, brings us more of the almost comically dark Riverdale with its ludicrously trashy plotting that stops anyone from looking away, and February 4th sees the return of The Flash post-“Crisis” and since having been heavily focused on the build up to the crossover, it will likewise probably be more directly affected by its fallout.

Tell us though, which of these shows will you be tuning in for? Drop us a comment down below and let us know.